High power, stable output, suitable for replacing halogen lights

Best OEM Replacement

Off-road LED work lights are designed to drive in the harshest of environments safely and project light at extreme distances while consuming little power. Whether it’s rain, smoke, dust or fog, this Lights will cut through any quick changing or extreme conditions.

The off-road working lights we offer are available in various beam patterns. For instance, the Driving beam produces a rectangular shaped beam pattern which can reach further and wider than headlights. The Spot beam produces a tight, focused circular beam of light which allows you to see further ahead toward the horizon. The Flood beam provides a large wide pattern that floods an area with an extremely wide horizontal and tall vertical light pattern. The Combo pattern combines both the Flood and Spot beams.

NOVSIGHT off-road LED work light bars are built to long durability and come with high quality material. See farther, go faster and stay aware of your surroundings with our extensive line of spot beam, flood beam or multibeam LED light bars.


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