Novsight's car traveling through the jungle
Off Road

Camping in a Foggy Mountain -- An Overlanding Adventure with Novsight

Embarking on an overlanding adventure is always an exciting and unpredictable experience. From rugged terrains to unpredictable weather conditions, there's always something new to discover and exp...

Buying Guide5 Steps You Can Quickly Clean Your Car Floor Mats
Novsight ExperienceUse car LED headlights correctly

Reasonable Use of LED Headlights

Properly use LED car headlights , provide better road visibility without disturbing others

Off Road3 inch LED light pods

Why Do We Use 3 Inch Off-Road Lighting Pods When We Overland

Outdoor driving at night, how to correctly use 3 inch pods lights as AIDS

Buying GuideProjector vs reflector: what led light will fit?

Projector vs reflector: what led light will fit?

When you purchase a new LED light, you may wonder.   Do I have projector or reflector headlights? Is this going to fits my reflector or projector headlight? Most of us can not choose what type of ...

Buying GuideHow to distinguish Lumen, Lux and Candela?

How to distinguish Lumen, Lux and Candela?

You may be familiar with the lumen. But do you know lux and candela could also represent the feature of a light working status? Today, we will do a quick explanation for you, so you can choose bett...

Installation Guidehigh performance LED CANbus decoder

LED Canbus Decoder-Anti Flickering Resistor-3 Solutions for LED Flicker in 2023

Have you experienced bulb flickering, dashboard errors, or radio interference after installing LED bulbs? These are collectively referred to as decoding problems. Next, I'll cover the reasons for t...