About us


Who we are

Novsight  is the combination of "Novo" and "Sight", with the meaning of innovation in latin. We take advantage of new innovative technology in providing quality solution for auto lighting services. You will not be alone while driving in the dark, as Novsight will light up the road ahead.

Where we are

Campany: Guangzhou Wangyi Trading Co. Ltd
Address: 1401 21st Street Suite R Sacramento, California 95811, United States of America

Everyone is born with the ability to think, create, and dream. The joy of creating quality products that have a positive impact is key to the NOVSIGHT way of bussiness - and why we do what we do for you. Thank you for visting Lighting Offered at incredible wholesale prices.


Our Bussiness

Car, motorcycle, bicycle lighting, Automotive Headlights, fog lights, work lights, strip lights and other auxiliary lights are integrated into the car lighting solution.

Our Team

Our campany consists of more than 100 people in the design team, engineering and R&D team, production, brand operation, bussiness department, logistics and after-sales department.

Our Channel

We integrate retail and wholesale, and undertake OEM, ODM. We have multiple sales platforms including: Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Shopify and more. Our products are Exported to more Than 80 countries including the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain, Canada, Australia and have been well received.

We look forward to hearing from you

Email: service@novsight.com
Customer Service: 1-888-862-9850
Wholesale Contact: Ph / WhatsApp: + 8615820697785

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