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Anti-Flickering/Error Code Decoders

If you have questions about decoding problems, you should provide complete car information, and explain the situation of such decoding problems. We will try our best to help solve the problem.

1.How to solve the headlight lights flicker or the car computer alarms after installation?
Let us know your vehicle year/make/model,so that we can find out the reason and help


2.For some cars with 9005 high beam headlights flickering?

The daytime running lights may share bulbs with the high beam headlights, so after installing LED lights, the current may change and the daytime running lights may not work or flicker.Let our customer know the details and get the decoder to solve this.

3.Does the headlight kits includes decoder?

Sorry not,as you know our car headlight bulbs canbus 95% of the cars, so needn't external decoder.  For some USA made or Germany made,like Dodge Ram 1500 2006-2010 need a decoder.

Any questions,send mails to our customer service@novsights.com

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