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Honda Civic Lighting Issues Diagnosis In Summer 2023

Honda Civic on the Road

Honda Civics are beloved for their great looks and practicality, but all cars fail from time to time, including lighting glitches. Here are three examples of lighting problems that can occur with your Honda Civic, And some methods of judging faults.

Note: The examples in this article are just some simple judgment methods and are for reference only. Non-professionals should not try them by themselves. We provide you with troubleshooting information and give you an overview of each issue so you are ready to service your Honda Civic.

Troubleshooting of Honda Civic Headlights Not Working

Step 1:

First, check the connecting wire behind the Honda headlight assembly to see if the connecting wire is loose or falling off. If the connecting wire behind the headlight assembly is loose or falls off, the owner can directly reconnect the connection of the headlight assembly wire.

Step 2:

If only one Honda Civic headlight does not turn on, it may be that the bulb on the side where the headlight does not turn on is burned out. Owners can buy a new bulb to replace.

Step 3:

It is also possible that the remaining power of the vehicle battery is insufficient. The owner can wait for a few minutes and wait for the generator to charge the battery before turning on the headlights of the vehicle.

Step 4:

It may be that the fuse of the Honda headlight is blown. Owners need to find the fuse for the Honda headlights, remove the old fuse first, and then install the new one.

Honda Civic Headlight lighting

Troubleshooting of Honda Civic front fog lights not working

First of all, the control circuit of the fog light is composed of the fog light switch, the fog light relay, the fog light fuse, the fog light wiring harness, and the fog light bulb.

Step 1:

Start the car first, turn off all lights, and then turn on the Civic front fog light switch to observe how much the front fog lights are on. If both lights are on, it is normal and no maintenance is required.

Step 2:

If only one Honda fog light is on, it means that the circuit is normal, and the problem can be solved by replacing the fog light bulb that does not light up.

Step 3:

If neither lights up, the fault is in these places:

Both fog light bulbs were damaged. 

At this point, you can simply judge by replacing the two Honda Civic fog light bulbs. If the new fog light bulbs can light up normally, it means that the previous two Honda fog light bulbs are damaged and need to be replaced with new ones.

Defective fog light fuse. 

When the circuit is overloaded, the fuse blows to protect the entire circuit. So check if the Honda fog light fuse is open. If the circuit is open, please replace the fuse of the same type and specification.

Damaged fog light relay.

In the case that the fuse is not broken, we check whether the fog light relay is damaged. An easy solution is to replace it with the new Civic fog light relay. If it is normal after replacing it, it means that the problem lies in the Honda Civic fog light relay. If the fog light still does not light up after the replacement, the problem lies in the fog light switch, which can be solved by directly replacing the Honda fog light switch.

Troubleshooting of Honda Civic Daytime Running Lights Not Working

Honda have had their DRL daytime running lights fail after 45,000 miles. So when your daytime running lights don't work, you don't have to be surprised. You can simply judge what is wrong with your daytime running lights in the following ways.

If one of the Honda Civic DRL lights are not working

Maybe one of the Honda bulbs is broken, you can install a new one and see if it works. If that doesn't work, you should check the light bulb socket and switch. See if the socket is burned out or melted.

If both Honda Civic DRL lights are not working

In this case, the wiring or fuse for the Honda Civic bulb may have blown. At this time, there may be more issues involved. You can take your Honda Civic to a dealer for a more accurate repair.

Honda Civic-Professional Maintenance

The above is a summary of the three possible light failures in the Honda Civic, as well as a simple method for judging the light failure, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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