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How to judge the quality of LED headlight bulbs?

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May 25,2022 Aaron Denny Share: If your car is a halogen headlight bulb user, you will find that your halogen bulbs will slowly dim over time. Frequent driving with dim halogen headlights on dimly lit streets and mountain roads can pose a great safety hazard to your driving. You need to update your halogen car bulbs with more advanced car lights. So how do you choose a premium auto lights? Most car owners will choose to use the very popular LED bulbs in place of their original lamps. But now there are a wide variety of LED products on the market, ranging from $10 to more than $100, which greatly increases the difficulty for those who choose to use LED lights for the first time. Next, we will bring you some methods to identify high-quality car LED lights, hoping to bring you some help. Subscribe Become the first to receive our announcement {% assign formId = 'customer_' | append: 'znid-771441224442' %} {% form 'customer', id: formId, class: 'zn-newsletter-form' %} {% if false %} {% if 'Your name:' != '' %} Your name: {% endif %} {% endif %} {% if '' != '' %} {% endif %} SUBSCRIBE NOW {% if form.posted_successfully? %} Thank you for your submission. {% elsif form.errors %} The information is not valid. Please try again. {% endif %} {% endform %} How to judge the quality of LED headlight bulbs? Let's check out the following 5 tips for LED qualityLED Bulb Chips The LED light chip is the core part of the car and the most expensive component in the headlight. The LED chip not only determines the brightness output of the light, but also controls whether the cutting line of the beam is clear and whether it conforms to the regulations for driving on the road. Using chips produced by major manufacturers, the quality of LEDs is more guaranteed. At present, the more famous manufacturers of chips in the world are: OSRAM, Lumileds (Philips), NICHIA, Toyoda Gosei. Finally, the conductivity and heat dissipation of the LED chip are better, which means that the heat resistance of the chip is better and the use time is longer.LED Lamp MaterialThe material of the lamp body of the LED bulb determines the heat dissipation, durability and aesthetic effect of the head lamp. We must first know that the greater the lumen output of the LED light, the greater the heat it generates, and the larger the required heat dissipation volume of the LED headlight. But because the housing space of the OEM headlight is limited, the LED body size we make is also limited. Therefore, we need better heat dissipation materials to enhance the heat dissipation of the bulb and stabilize the lumen output of the bulb.There is no doubt that the thermal conductivity of metals is much greater than that of plastics. LED lights using high-grade aluminum are better in terms of heat dissipation efficiency of the bulb, overall stability and stunt sense of the bulb. Therefore, be sure to understand the materials used in LED lights before purchasing..LED Intermediate SubstrateThe middle layer of the LED bulb is called the bulb substrate, which is where the LED lamp beads are embedded. The heat generated by the operation of the LED is first transferred to the base plate of the bulb and then to the rest of the lamp body. Therefore, the better the thermal conductivity of the substrate of the LED lamp and the faster the conduction speed, the better the heat dissipation performance of the LED. Under the same conditions, the thermal conductivity of the copper substrate is more than twice that of the aluminum substrate. Therefore, the service life of lamp beads using copper substrates is generally higher than that of LED lights using aluminum substrates. Most Viewed How to Restore Old Car Headlights for Free Dec 27,2021 Top Trending Interior Ambient Lighting for Your Car May 13,2022 H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight: Best LED Bulbs for your Vehicle May 07,2022 Plug and Play H7 LED bulb upgrade for your Volkswagen Apr 28,2022 LED Light Fan LED bulbs with fans are definitely better at dissipating heat than those without fans. Of course, whether an LED light needs a fan also depends on the power required by the LED. The higher the power, the more the auto light needs a fan to dissipate heat. The higher the fan speed, the better the heat dissipation efficiency of the bulb LED, and the lifespan of the bulb will be greatly extended. At the same time, pay attention to whether the design of the lamp body wrapping the fan is more conducive to the entry and exit of air. The fan part of the LED lamp is best to use a fully hollow lamp body design, rather than the exposed fan blades at the bottom. Because the hollow design of the fan is more conducive to the exchange of cold and hot air, which is conducive to heat dissipation. Internal or External DrivesWe all know that the driver is the heart of the LED light, without it, the LED light cannot be used with electricity. Whether the automotive lamp is driven internally or externally, the driver contains many electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, control IC, etc. When the car light starts to work, the driving part will also heat up, and the temperature can reach about 80 degrees. This means that our bulb cooling system not only has to handle the heat generated by the lamp beads, but also the heat from the driver. Therefore, under the same bulb chip, lamp structure and heat dissipation system, the external drive is more conducive to the overall heat dissipation of the bulb and the lasting stability of the vehicle lights. Buying Guide 10 Benefits Of LED Headlights For Beginners Sep 15,2021 Off-road Lighting Guide Oct 22,2021 Are LED Fog Lights Any Better? Oct 11,2021 We hope that after reading this blog, you will be able to increase your knowledge of LED lights and give you tips for identifying quality LED products. Finally, don't forget to know your LED model number before buying LED headlight bulbs, you can take out your own halogen bulbs and check their numbers. If you are not particularly sure, click on this car light bulb finder, or contact us by mail. The following is a selection of high-quality LED products that meet the above description for the reference of car owners. Novsight N52 Series LED Headlight Bulb This LED light uses an 80MIL LED CSP chip, which can provide 20,000 lumens of output. The brightness is 6 times that of ordinary halogen lamps. The perfect beam pattern can be focused on the driver's side without causing dizziness to oncoming vehicles, making driving safer. The fuselage as a whole is made of 6063 aircraft aluminum, which has a better heat dissipation effect. The copper substrate is used in the middle to quickly guide the heat generated by the lamp beads, and the thermal conductivity is stronger. The fan part adopts a hollow design, which is conducive to air exchange. The fan is a turbo fan with a speed of 12,000RPM/MIN. The drive of the bulb is external, which is beneficial to the heat dissipation of the LED lamp. Click here to learn more.

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