Zebra Rooftop Tent

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Zebra Roof Top Tent
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Zebra Rooftop Tent Specification:

Type Hard Shell Rooftop Tent
Weight 150lb/68 kg
Size (Closed/Open)


89*60*7 inch/89*60*59 inch

Sleeping Capacity 2-3 People
Hard Shell Material Aluminum Alloy Profile + Aluminum Alloy Honeycomb Panel
Shell Bottom Structure Keel Structure
Tent Fabric Flame Retardant Oxford Cloth
Luggage Bar Yes
Tent Window Three Windows
Zipper Material Reflective Nylon Fabric
External hydraulic lever Iron (galvanized nickel)
Ladder 13lb/90.55inch Retractable Aluminum Alloy Ladder


What is in the package?

● Handle (1pc)
● Plastic Nut (8pcs)
● U Shape Stator (4pcs)
● Lock Nut (8pcs)
● 55mm T Shape Bolts (8pcs)
● 13mm Ratchet Wrench (1pc)
● M8*35mm T Shape Bolts (8pcs)
● M8*L15mm Cylindrical Hex Socket Screw (2pcs)
● Manual (1pc)


Note: The retractable ladder was stowed inside the rooftop tent.


    Install & Review | Jeep Gladiator Overlanding

    Start Your journey with Zebra

    Kick off an amazing weekend adventure with Leemen and his Jeep Gladiator! Get an in-depth look at the Zebra rooftop tent and join us for an unforgettable journey through the forest with Zebra. Don't hesitate—start now!

    size of the novsight zebra rooftop tent mobile

    Zebra's performance on different vehicle


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    Skynest Rooftop Tent Sale price$1,799.00 USD Regular price$2,099.00 USD
    Lightweight Rooftop Tent
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    226*153*150cm/89*60*59 inch

    210*143*160cm/83*56*63 icnh

    210*132*150cm/83*52*59 inch





    Lightweight Structure




    Load Bearing




    Cross Bar




    Fabric Material

    210D+600D Oxford Cloth

    280g Polyester Cotton Plaid Cloth

    280g Polyester Cotton Plaid Cloth

    Waterproof Rating




    Breathable Window




    U-shaped rod stabilizing bracket





    Reflective Nylon Zipper

    Stainless Steel Zipper

    SBS Resin Zipper

    Hydraulic Rod


    Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel

    Shoe Bag




    Lighting Hook




    Mattress Size

    208*135*7cm/82*53*2.75 inch

    200*131*5cm/79*52*2 inch

    118*120*5cm/46*47*2 inch

    Zebra RTT Impressive Feedback

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    Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 8am-8:30pm.Average answer time: 24h

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Customer's vehicle: Chevy Colorado
    Good value on a nice tent

    I ordered on a Wednesday it showed the following Friday after going on a website and setting up a delivery date. I was happy with the delivery service. After looking at fsr and crafuel I saw this tent on defiant offroads youtube video It looks to be using the same frame latches boot bags. With a sale and tax and shipping included I found this to be significantly less expensive than the other options. I like the color most of the time I’m going to be using it is in the summer I don’t want an all black tent. Pops up easy. Ladder mounts on the rear and driver side I would have liked if they included the third side. The mattress isn’t bad. It’s not sleeping on a cloud but it will do for now. I might try the aircore mattress from fsr. the little windows that can be used as a pass through. I’m not sure if I’ll use the side flaps much seem a little flimsy. I like that they are included and optional. Probably nice at keeping the rain out of the tent as you climb in or out. Includes a nice patch kit. No room for bedding. Other models have a light strip. I use a olight lantern mini from the ceiling hook. I hang a claymore fan when it’s warm. Overall I’m really satisfied with my purchase. Looks to be a well built tent. Buy with confidence. As advertised.

    Benjamin T
    Excellent Service

    Mixed feelings turned positive! Upon receiving the Zebra Rooftop Tent, I was excited but noticed a minor issue with one of the zippers. However, the customer service was excellent, promptly sending a replacement part which resolved the problem. Using the tent has been a delight the mattress is plush, offering a restful sleep, and the interior space is generous for me and my partner. Despite the initial hiccup, I'm now confident in its durability and would recommend it for anyone looking for comfort and great service.

    Christopher V

    Zebra Rooftop Tent: A sturdy companion for outdoor adventures! I was impressed by how well-built and stylish it looked upon arrival. Setting it up for the first time was a bit challenging due to the weight, but once installed, it felt incredibly secure. The mattress is thick and cozy, providing a comfortable night's sleep under the stars. The only drawback was the initial difficulty in understanding the assembly instructions, but once figured out, it was smooth sailing. Overall, a reliable choice for camping enthusiasts seeking comfort and durability.

    Ethan X
    Essential Outdoor Item

    A game-changer for our camping trips! The Zebra Rooftop Tent arrived quickly and was well-packaged. Setting it up was a breeze, thanks to the straightforward instructions. The mattress exceeded my expectations in comfort, and the interior space comfortably accommodates me and my partner. One minor issue we encountered was a loose pole connector, but a quick fix with the toolkit provided ensured it didn't impact our experience. Overall, I'm impressed with the tent's quality and functionality, making it an essential addition to our outdoor gear.

    Daniel W
    Highly recommend!

    Highly recommend the Zebra Rooftop Tent! Upon delivery, I was immediately struck by its sleek design and robust build quality. However, during the first use, we noticed a minor issue with a seam near one of the windows. Contacting customer support was easy, and they promptly offered a solution, ensuring we could continue our trip without further interruptions. The tent itself is spacious and well-ventilated, making it perfect for warmer climates. Despite the initial hiccup, the responsiveness of the company and the overall comfort make it a worthwhile investment for any camper.

    Customer's vehicle: 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
    Amazing overland tent!

    If you're an overland enthusiast like me, searching for the perfect rooftop tent ends here! The Novsight Zebra Rooftop Tent has completely revolutionized my camping experience.

    Firstly, let's talk about space. This tent is a Tardis! Despite its compact appearance when folded, once opened, it's a spacious haven. There's ample room for two adults, and even a furry companion if you have one. Plus, the built-in mattress ensures a comfortable night's sleep under the stars.

    Convenience is the name of the game, and this tent nails it. Setup is a breeze – I can have it ready in minutes, leaving more time for exploring. The sturdy construction and waterproof materials provide peace of mind in any weather condition. Plus, the included ladder makes accessing the tent a cinch.

    Now, onto the overland features. This tent is built for adventure. Its rugged design can withstand rough terrain, ensuring it's ready for whatever the journey throws at it. Whether I'm traversing rocky trails or navigating muddy paths, I know my shelter is secure.

    Overall, the Novsight Zebra Rooftop Tent is a game-changer for overland enthusiasts. With its spacious interior, convenience, and rugged design, it's the ultimate companion for any adventure. Highly recommended!