New Product Release——HALO Series
The "Guardian" Of Adventure

Inspired by the sci-fi graphics of Halo, we created the ultimate LED pod light system with its essence, offering a stunning look and performance.
Halo LED Light Pods are perfect for any off-road adventure and over-landing exploration. The two colors can switch to light up the road at night, and also act as daytime running lights.
Halo LED Pods are the best lighting solution for any terrain. Whether you’re driving a Jeep, Ford, Toyota, or any other off-road vehicle, these pods will blend in and brighten your way.

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HALO LED Pod Comparison

Compare HALO LED Pod light below.


6 Inch

3 Inch

4.5 Inch

Beam Pattern

SPOT/SPOT&FLOOD (Daytime running lights are standard)

SPOT/FLOOD/DRIVING/FOG/SPOT&FLOOD(Daytime running lights are standard)

SPOT/FLOOD (Daytime running lights are standard)


66 W

48 W

35 W

Lighting Modes

Beam/Day-Time Running Backlighting

Beam/Day-Time Running Backlighting

Beam/Day-Time Running Backlighting

Brightness (Lumens)

4600LM + 360LM(DRL)/each

3450LM + 180LM(DRL)/each

2300LM + 240LM(DRL)/each