HALO Pod Light Review

  • "Coolest Pod Light On The Market Right Now"
  • "Cool look, I really like it!"
  • "There are a variety of light switching modes"
  • "Good Design!"
  • "Very Bright Lights - Well Thought Out"
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Suitable For Motorcycle? YES!

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HALO Pod Light Test Video

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HALO Pod Light Install Guide Video

HALO LED Pod Comparison


3 Inch

4.5 Inch

6 Inch

Beam Pattern

SPOT/FLOOD/DRIVING/FOG/SPOT&FLOOD(Daytime running lights are standard)

SPOT/FLOOD (Daytime running lights are standard)

SPOT/SPOT&FLOOD (Daytime running lights are standard)



35 W

66 W

Lighting Modes

Beam/Day-Time Running Backlighting

Beam/Day-Time Running Backlighting

Beam/Day-Time Running Backlighting

Brightness (Lumens)

3450LM + 180LM(DRL)/each

2300LM + 240LM(DRL)/each

4600LM + 360LM(DRL)/each

LED Quantity

3 pcs

2 pcs

4 pcs


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  • *The parameters listed on this page are based on measurements made in controlled environments with production version HALO series. The results may vary to some extent in different external environments and usage conditions. Please refer to actual experience for details.
  • *The vehicle lighting usage scenarios in all videos and images taken on this page are strictly in accordance with local laws and regulations. Please understand local laws and regulations before use.
  • *The HALO series is equipped with amber lenses and a blackout cover. The daytime running lights can be turned on independently during daily driving, but the main light source is limited to off-road use.
  • *Please follow local laws and regulations and use the lights reasonably.