Black car turned on it's yellow headlights during the night
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10 Benefits Of LED Headlights For Beginners

Recently, one particular device has generated a lot of buzz due to its widespread applications, which range from torch lights to street lights and is now readily accessible for headlights as well. ...

Novsight Experiencefoggy headlight lens Restoration diy

Cloudy Headlight Restoration DIY

Car headlights after 5 to 6 years can start to look foggy usually as the plastic lens oxidizes over time. A foggy headlight lens does not require complete replacement but can easily be fixed with a...

Novsight ExperienceGood automotive lighting practices

Good automotive lighting practices

Taking your car out on the road requires responsibility, to abide by the road rules and regulations. You communicate with other drivers on the road mostly with your vehicle’s headlights, taillights...

Buying GuideBlue car with HID headlight at the garage

LED VS HID Headlights

If you are looking for an upgrade over the stock halogens on your car headlights to increase the night time visibility on the road. You must have come across the two major lighting upgrades over ha...

Buying GuideFind the Best LED Headlights for Your Car 2021

Find the Best LED Headlights for Your Car 2023

LED Headlights are now one of the most sought-after headlights in the market. These lights generate less heat and are typically more efficient than incandescent bulbs, which means they can last lo...

Novsight ExperienceWhat is Proper Headlight Adjustment?

What is Proper Headlight Adjustment?

Quality headlights are crucial in lighting your path while driving at night. Thus, it's essential to check if the bulbs are well-aligned before going your way. Have you ever experienced being blind...

Novsight Experiencesolve car led bulbs decodering problem