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Find the Best LED Headlights for Your Car 2023

Find the Best LED Headlights for Your Car 2021

LED Headlights are now one of the most sought-after headlights in the market. These lights generate less heat and are typically more efficient than incandescent bulbs, which means they can last longer than any other light type. 

They're not prone to burn out, though they start to dim over time. Since LEDs are smaller in size compared to bulb-type lights, you can have the liberty to choose the headlight design you want, as well as other vehicle lights. 

However, picking the right LED headlights for your car this 2021 can be baffling. This is because of the broad array of choices you can have when it comes to bulb features, such as brightness, size, colors, wattages and many others.

Compared to Halogens and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights, LED can last up to 20,000 hours or two years. If you think more about it, you can save more with LED lights compared with Halogens which only have a lifespan of 1,000 hours. On the other hand, HID can do a better job than Halogens, but they can be expensive and less durable. 

Thus, LED headlights can be your best option for a brighter, more efficient and long-lasting bulb for your car. Nonetheless, with the sprout of interest in LED lights, many manufacturers produced LEDs without much concern about the quality. So, how would you choose the best LED headlights? Let's find out!


Factors to Consider to Get Best LED Headlights for Your Car

Car LED Headlights


As you might already know, not every product is created the same. Thus, it's crucial to assess your option if it's high quality. The quality of the product should be your topmost priority whenever you buy LED lights for your car. 

Since many LED headlight products are out in the market today, it's best to go for the one that can satisfy your needs than the one with the lowest price, compromising the quality. 

So, what are these factors and how can they can provide better lighting? Kindly see them all below.


  • Brightness

The energy that a light source radiates per unit time into the surrounding space and causes vision is called luminous flux, expressed by the symbol φ, in lumens (LM).Lumens is one of the factors that you should consider in buying LED lights is the lumens. Lumens serve as the measuring factor of the light's brightness. So, if you want the best light for your car, it's beneficial to remember that the higher the lumens, the brighter the light output will be.


  • Premium LED Diodes(LED Chips)

LED diodes are the dots you can see on LED bulbs. They're responsible for emitting light  that makes your view of the road brighter. The most common are COB,CSP and SMD.There are many chips manufacturers like Philips, Osram,etc.


  • High-Quality LED Bulbs

When it comes to LED bulbs, don't go after the cheapest product. Instead, go for the little higher prices to ensure the quality of the product. You may also try to find the best manufacturers of LED lights that offer them for fair prices.

Since there are many options available in the market today, make sure to choose the one that delivers high-quality LED headlights at competitive prices.


  • Bulbs Wattage

Brightness are related to wattage. There are comparsion halogen,xenon and LED headlight wattage. The general car originally equipped with 60/55 watt bulb, for some aftermarket there are bulbs 100w or more, lighting effect can certainly increase, but must be added to the light wiring harness, so as not to meet the current demand.

-Halogen bulbs Wattage

Halogen light bulbs, are characterized by "yellow", good color rendering and good penetration.Another thing is the price is cheap!Its low cost makes it the assembly of choice for many automakers!Disadvantages are the difference in brightness, low lumen value, short life (300-500 hours), low luminous efficiency. The power is between 55W-65W, relatively speaking, the power is relatively high.Because it is to rely on heat energy into light energy, so the temperature of the halogen bulb is relatively high, do not try to touch when lit!Remember that!

-Xenon bulbs Wattage

Xenon lamps are characterized by high brightness, low power and long service life (3000-5000 hours).The disadvantage was severe astigmatism, but later with the introduction of xenon lamp double lens, this problem was solved.Because the lighting effect of xenon headlights is quite present, it is widely favored by modified car owners.The power is generally between 35W and 45W. Xenon lamps without lenses have severe astigmatism Add the apa xenon lamp after double light lens, light parallel, no astigmatism.

-LED bulbs Wattage

LED light bulb color temperature is higher, compared to xenon lamp and halogen lamp is whiter, start no delay, namely open namely bright, more concentrated beam, wattage are 50-60 watts or more, long service life (50000+ hours), small size and convenient installation.But its heat dissipation problem, will cause the brightness decay faster.Because the luminous area is small, so the light concentration is a little unsatisfactory.


  • Bulbs type

This is the most important thing you need to figure out before buying.Different year/make/model owns different bulbs type.You need to confirm some headlight bulbs are combination of low and high beam.Some are separated from the low and high beam.And for the way to find out the bulbs type,you can check the vehicle manual book,or just see the specific model of your own lights by checking the bulbs base.You can also use a bulbs finder to find out your bulbs type.Automobile headlights are classified into H1, H4, H7, 9005,9006,H11,H13 etc.Here we show a comparison chart for you to know the bulbs type,clip,socket type on the market.

socket type for for headlight


  • LED Color

Another thing to consider in buying LED headlights is the color. LEDs have a variety of colors, ranging from purple, yellow, red and white. The yellow spectrum provides 3000K low temperatures, while the blue one gives 5000K higher temperatures. Choose the best one based on your usage.


  • LED Headlight Lifespan

Another critical factor to consider in choosing the best headlight is its lifespan. Not all LED lights have the same lifespan. Thus, it's better to choose wisely and goes for the one that lasts longer than the others. 

If you're looking for a long-lasting LED Headlight that can last for 20 years (6 hours drive/night), manufacturers like NOVSIGHT can give you that along with 2 YEARS WARRANTY.


  • Powerful LED Cooling Fan

Another factor you need to consider when it comes to purchasing LED headlight with a cooling fan. The cooling fan plays a great part in managing the heat dissipationand.Some are design overheating fault automatic adjustment preventing any lighting breakdown on the dark roads. And over 100,000+ hours service life. For another hand,you must consider the noise of the cooling fan,some brand with new technology make a cooling system quieter.Choose from novsight to find a noise-free bulbs.


  • Easy Installation

Another thing to consider is the installation process. No one wants to spend extra hours in the uncertain installation method. Thus, it would be wise to pick the best headlight that offers installation ease for their buyers. 

The ease of installation will not only save you from a lot of frustrations but will also help you save time and money.Most of the brands are designed plug and play.You can also search the installation video on youtube.


  • Excellent Wiring

Another thing to consider before purchasing a LED light is the wiring. Many buyers have skipped this part without knowing that this can cause an immense difference. Cheap wires can melt or fail quickly, leaving you no choice but to spend money on another one. 

Thus, it's always wise to check the quality first before purchasing anything to ensure the product is long-lasting. This way, you can ensure that your headlight can last for a long time, preventing you from spending on another headlight.



Not all have the same quality as the others. Thus, as a buyer, it's best to look for product reviews before purchasing and buy only through legitimate sites and reliable manufacturers to avoid getting scammed. 

You can always browse for the best LED headlight products online and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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