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How To Choose The LED Bulbs Toyota Corolla 2016

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Corollas come with halogen headlamps as standard from the factory, and over time these bulbs tend to lose their original brightness and beam pattern. If you are not satisfied with the visibility of the headlights of your Toyota Corolla and are looking for options to replace it, then continue reading the article to make a well-researched decision for replacing your car’s light bulbs.

Why LED is the latest offering in light bulb technology in the automotive sector?

The thing that sets LED bulbs apart from halogen bulbs and HIDs is their excellent efficiency along with bright and even light output. LEDs can provide the same or even a higher light output as compared to the other two technologies by consuming half the power from the car’s battery or alternator. Less power consumption also translates to better fitments due to smaller heatsinks required and better reliability because of lower junction temperatures. Which LED bulbs to go for? After you are done deciding that you will be taking the LED bulb route, now you have to choose which LED bulb you should exactly go for as the market is flooded with a huge number of them ranging from 10 to 100 dollars.

At this point making sure that you are not getting ripped off by paying a lot more for low-quality LEDs, or you are not buying pure junk, by getting a deal that seems too good to be true, can be a bit confusing. So, what should you do then? We have mentioned five points below to help you shortlist well-made LED bulbs, that actually fit on your vehicle, have better nighttime visibility than the OEMs, and will serve you for a considerable amount of time.

1. Correct Size:

So, the first thing that you want to make sure of is that the light bulbs you are about to purchase do fit properly in the headlight housing of your vehicle. There are different standard sizes of headlight bulbs for different headlight housing types. For Toyota Corolla (2001-2016), 9005 is the appropriate size for the high beam bulb, and 9006 for the low beam bulb. Apart from the standard LED sizes, you should also pay attention to the size of the heatsink and the fan assembly installed on the bulb. The heat sink along with the small fan on its back ensures that the LED always remains in a safe temperature range and prevents it from burning itself out. You need to make sure that there is enough clearance behind the bulb for the heatsink and the fan assembly to make it fit properly.

2. Correct Color:

After filtering down the correct size, the next thing you want to shortlist is the color temperature. The color temperature is represented by Kelvins (K). The color temperature usually starts from 3500K and goes as high as 10,000K. As the color temperature increases the light color shifts from a yellow shade to clear white and then a blue shade to it. A white color temperature is preferred for usual nighttime driving that is in the 5500-6500K range. LEDs also reach their highest efficiency point around the 6500K point, so it’s the go-to color temperature for most people. However, if there is a lot of mist or fog in your area then a lower color temperature like 3500- 4000 will be more helpful in providing better visibility.

3. Brightness Intensity:

The brightness of LED bulbs is measured in lumens. It is mostly mentioned on the box of Light bulbs and translates to the total light output the bulb will produce. When looking for quality LED headlamps you can also check for the efficacy of the LEDs installed. It is the measure of the brightness of the LED per unit of power consumed. A good quality LED bulb can have an efficacy of around 120 lumens per watt. You can aim for the most lumens you can get, by keeping the wattage near or less than what the OEM halogens had. Most LEDs do not exceed 80-100 watts in power. Typically, OEM halogens have brightness ranging from 2-4000 lumens. You should look out for LED bulbs that are at least 2000-3000 lumen brighter than the factory ones, for a noticeable upgrade. To avoid getting ripped off, you should look out for pictures, or video reviews of the product from the customers.

4. Light Beam Pattern:

Light beam pattern is one of the most differentiating factors when looking for quality LED light bulbs in the market. Light beam pattern is the pattern light from the light bulb makes on a wall ahead when installed on a car headlight. The light pattern should not be all over the place but should be dispersed evenly on the road ahead only. It should also have a sharp cutoff to ensure that it doesn’t blind the oncoming traffic or shine in the rear-view mirrors of the traffic ahead. The closer the manufacturers keep the dimensions of the LED to the default halogen bulbs, the better the light pattern. But this alone does not define the quality of the beam pattern. It requires proper testing and development for a company to achieve a perfect light beam pattern. The light beam pattern can be judged easily by picture or video reviews from customers.

5. Reliability:

Before finalizing your purchase, you should also look into the reliability of the LED bulbs sold by the manufacturer. It can mostly be judged by the warranty period provided by the manufacturer or the reviews from previous customers. You should at least look for a yearlong warranty on the purchase of your LED light bulbs.

We at NOVSIGHT have designed and produced some of the LED bulbs you can get for your Corolla in the market. Our top-of-the-line LED bulb “ NOVSIGHT 9005 HB3 LED Headlight Bulbs High Power ” is a great fit for the high beam headlights on your Toyota Corolla. They provide 6500K light at 20,000 lumens, for 100 watts and have an efficacy of around 200 lumens per watt. They can easily be installed on the Corolla (2001-20016) and are designed 1:1 to have a class-leading light beam pattern on the road ahead. NOVSIGHT provides a standard 2-year warranty on the product to provide ease of mind to their customers. Click on the following link to make the purchase for your Toyota Corolla (2001-2016).

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