N11 Standard Series | H4 H7 H11 H13 9004 9005 9006 9007 9012 LED Bulbs Cost-Effective 60W 13000LM 6500K White | 2 Bulbs

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See farther, See Better, Safer!

Choose Novsight Brighter LED bulbs 9004 for your halogen headlamp to give you the best H4 H7 H11 H13 9004 9005 9006 9007 9012 light. Direct replace auto factory halogen light bulbs, see farther and clearer.

Novsight 9004 LED Headlight Bulb Benefits

1:1 Design as Halogen

Almost the same 1:1 design as halogen bulbs, making 9004 LED bulbs more suitable for your car. You don't need to worry about the external drive not fitting into your halogen headlight housing, plug and play

300% brighter than expected

HB1 LED headlamp bulbs are 60W 13,000 lumens per pair, capable of illuminating your road with 6500K cool white light, 3 times brighter than halogen bulbs. Displays brighter than you expect, improving your vision for night travel.

Professional Automotive Grade LED chips

Headlight bulb 9004 adopts a professional automotive-grade chip, which is more suitable for the harsh environment of the car. The beam it produces is more focused on the driver's side, with a perfect light pattern that doesn't dazzle oncoming vehicles and has no black spots.

12,000RPM/MIN Opening Fan

The built-in 7-blade open fan can generate a wind speed of 12,000 RPM/MINd and quickly take away the heat of the 9004 bulbs. In order to ensure the continuous and normal lighting of the bulb, the life of the LED lamp is as long as 50,000 hours.

9004 HB1 LED Forward Lighting with fanDurable than the Original Halogen

The LED lights' aluminum-grade hollow lamp body dissipates heat faster and is more corrosion-resistant than ordinary OEM original halogen headlights. IP68 waterproof effect makes the headlamp 9004 work more in various harsh conditions, and more durable.

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Product Specifications

  • Model: H4 H7 H11 H13 9004 9005 9006 9007 9012
  • Power: 60W/Pair(30W/Bulb)
  • Voltage: DC9-32V
  • Color Temperature: 6500K Cool White
  • Lumen: Up to 13,000 LM/Pair(7,500 LM/Bulb)
  • Waterproof Rate: IP 68
  • Operating Temperature: -45℃ - +80℃
  • Connect Type: Plug and Play

If you are not sure if your model is suitable for what size bulbs, you can check with Novsight vehicle bulb finder on the top bar.

Warm Tips:

Our LED replaces halogen bulbs only. It does not replace HID or LED from the factory.

Installation Support



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Pretty simple to install like the others they offer. Bought this ones for my new headlights and they too are worth the money. They are bright and last long.


I should have taken a before-and-after photo but the car took off before I could. I put these in a 2007 Mercedes C230 Sport and what a difference! Highly recommend!


What I like about it was the LED lights, and also they fit perfectly for my vehicle I have a 97 Chevy k 1500, and they are really bright, it worked out just fine thank you again (Novsight) for LED headlights another product


After buying a few sets of halogens that promised bright white light and were still yellow and dim, THESE are the true white bright headlights that satisfy. You are not going to wish they were whiter or brighter. Welcome to the white bright revolution! They are not overkilled either, like many you see from 4 blocks away. Glad they are getting good at making these tolerable to oncoming traffic. You don't realize how using standard dim yellow headlights makes you strain and feel tired-eyed until you feel the refreshing alertness of these bright white headlights. Hope they last long, great price!


I just installed them and it was very easy. I��m not a mechanic and I don��t work on cars so I��m glad I was able to do this myself. As you can see, the light is a white/blue color on the left and my old ones were more yellow on the right. When I got in my car this morning I could see so much better. I didn��t feel like I was driving almost blind in the dark.
I would definitely recommend.
Now we will see how long they last.


Very impressed with these bulbs. Good quality bulbs for the money. Longevity, we'll see... but yeah really liked everything about this purchase. Fast shipping, Great packaging and I loved the free gift from seller. There is a cool sticker and a key ring in the box too. Im going to have to research this company. Doing a great job! Thank You.