H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight Bulbs Wireless 55W Replacement Forward Lighting Direct Plug

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Upgrading your Vehicle lighting with Novsight LED headlight bulbs

This LED Bulbs replacement kit also used for fog light, such as perfectly fit for 2009-2016 Toyota Corolla H11/H8 Fog Light Bulbs; and Nissan, Honda, Toyota front fog lights,etc.

led headlight bulbs Wide field of vision

13000 lumens Safe Visibility

Novsight led headlight bulbs H11 is 3 times brighter than Halogen Bulbs, providing 13000 lumens 6000K-6500K cool white light per pair to give you the best visibility while you are driving at night.

key features of novsight led bulbs H11 H8 H9

50,000+ Hours Lifespan

This H11 H8 H9 car bulbs can last-for-20 years if you drive 5-6 hours per day. With solid aviation aluminum body, 12,000RPM turbo fan provide efficient heat dissipation and supercooling ability. Ensure 50,000+ hours lifespan with better performance

Perfect Beam Pattern

It’s important not to glare other traffic, when you driving on the road. The powerful ZES LED chips provide perfect beam patter, focusing the side you are driving, no blinding oncoming vehicles. Ultra-thin chip carrier of LED light H11 reduces dark spots.

super focused beam of led bulbs

5 minutes Quick&Easy installation

1 :1 size design as original halogen bulb,making it easy to install H11 led headlight bulbs to your headlight housing,true plug and play. You only need 5 minutes without any modifications and tools, compatible with dust cover.

CANbus ready for 98% Vehicles

This H11 headlight bulb conversion kits fit for 98% vehicles on the market without error such as Radio interference, light flash. Some sensitive vehicles may flicking due to low voltage, CANbus decoder may be required to prevent flicking. 

Please don't worry about any problems for our lights, we have 2 YEARS WARRANTY.


1. The locking ring of H11 is made of thinner plastic. If it is installed in an incorrect position with too much force, the locking ring may be damaged.

2. For the 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD, if your low beam and DRL are controlled by the same bulb, when you change to LED, there are maybe flash on DRL mode due to the different voltage.

3. For 2015 dodge grand caravan,our H11 led headlight bulbs fit with your car as high beam or low beam. You need to purchase 2set for your high beam and low beam. And you may need a extra H11 decoder to avoid flickering.

Kindly Reminder

-To shop others H11 with different wattage or plug type, just click here.

-To get your LED fog light, look here.

-We recommend that you know the original bulb size of your model before buying LED headlight bulbs, you can consult our customer service, or find this headlight bulb finder


Model: H11(H8, H9)

Power: 55W/Set(27.5W/Bulb)

Voltage: DC9-32V

Color Temperature: 6000-6500K Cool White

Lumen: Up to 13,000 lms/Set

Waterproof Rate: IP 68

Operating Temperature: -45℃ - +80℃

Connect Type: Plug and Play

What’s in the box?

  • 2 X LED H11 led bulbs
  • 1 X Product Manual

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    The lights do not work properly
    1.Check if the power connectors are properly
    connected, and make sure that the vehicle headlight
    switch is on the "ON" position.
    2.Make sure that the vehicle's battery is fully
    charged to supply power to the LED bulb.
    3.Install the LED bulbs with the resistors (CANbus).
    4.The resistor (CANbus) is polarity sensitive. If the
    LED bulbs do not function properly after installation,
    please reverse the resistor (CANbus) male
    connector 180 degrees and try again.
    One of the bulbs is not working
    1.Make sure the connection is good. If one of the
    bulbs still doesn't work, swap the left and right side
    bulbs and test again.
    2.Some series of car lights are polarity sensitive.If
    the LED bulbs do not work properly after installation,
    please reverse the connector 180 degrees and try
    The lights flicker or flash
    Install the LED bulb with the resistors (CANbus) to
    resolve the issue..
    A warning lamp appears on the vehicle's system dashboard.
    This is a harmless side-effect of the low-wattage
    LED bulbs not being recognized by the vehicle's
    system and can be resolved with the installation of
    an additional set of resistors (CANbus).
    The light pattern is wrong after the car lights are installed
    1. Check whether the lamp body is installed and
    turned up and down. As H4, H13 and 9004/9007
    models are installed separately from the top and the
    2. Check whether the lamp body is rotated in the
    correct direction and locked in place after inserting
    the locking ring.
    There is not enough space for installation on the passenger side
    For some vehicles, such as Honda CRV 2007-2014,
    the headlight assembly on the passenger side is
    very close to the fuse box, so there is not enough
    space to operate the bulb installation. So we need
    unclip and adjust fuse box for easier access during
    the installation process..
    Dust cover can not be installed back
    For some vehicles, the light housing dust cover can
    not be installed back after installing the LED lights.
    In this case, you can consult our brand customer
    service to request a modified dust cover for free.
    The light bulbs is
    difficult to rotate in place.
    For some vehicles, the light housing dust cover is
    thick, which makes it difficult for LED bulbs to rotate
    in place in the light housing. To solve this problem,
    you need to forcefully push the LED bulbs into the
    light housing and then rotate it clockwise.