9012 HIR2 LED Headlight Bulbs 55W Conversion Kits LED Forward Lighting

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9012 HIR2 LED Forward Lighting/DRL Light Upgrade Halogen

Upgrade with Fast Installation LED bulbs Replacement for Halogen Headlight Bulb

Novsight N30 series Offer High Beam, Low Beam and Fog Replacement Bulb,Higher Brightnesss,Higher Performance&lower consumption.It's important to note that LED headlights are distinct from halogen ones,LED benefits is not only the brightness and efficiency,but also led bulbs take up less space,and the most important,novsight N30 series led with turbo fan provide efficient heat dissipation and super cooling ability. Ensure 50000+ hours lifespan.

headlight bulb 9012 replacement

9012 led bulbs used for replacing halogen or dim/defective forward lighting, fog lights, daytime running light,to upgrade with better vision and safer driving.

* If you are not sure which bulb size fits,you can use our car bulbs finder tools, or contact with us*

led headlight bulb 9012

Key features

Brightest and Safest experience

Upgrading your headlights bulbs with this HIR2 9012 led bulb, which is 12,000 lumens, 6500K cool white, 3 times brighter than factory halogen.You'll get a wider night lighting from 9012 led light replacement to keep you safe in any situation.

Professional Automotive Grade LED chips

Novsight N30 series HIR2 LED white bulb equipped with professional automotive grade chips provides prefect beam pattern, no glare and dark spots giving you the best horizons and improving the driving experience.

No Noisy-Heat Dissipation

The built-in 13000 RPM/mini fan takes away the heat generated by the 9012 headlight conversion kit in time, while reducing the fan noise. At the same time, the aviation aluminum-level lamp body material quickly conducts heat, ensuring lifespan up to 50,000+ Hours.

True 1:1 VS Halogen Design

The 1:1 lamp body design makes the 9012 led bulb even more same as halogen lamp. It is suitable for your factory halogen headlight housing without any modification because of its delicate body. 9012/HIR2 led Headlights fit 98% Vehicle model,and Installation just take 5 minutes without tools.

IP68 waterprooft&Rainproof

With IP68 waterproof rating, 9012 headlight bulb led replacement ready for all extreme weather, like rainy, snowy and foggy weather. You can safely drive your car without worrying about headlights.

2 Years Hassle-free Warranty

To shop different wattage or different plug types of 9012, just click here.

NOVSIGHT 9012 LED Headlight bulbs

Ture 1 : 1 Conversion Kit
Important Note
1. Bulb size guide for replacing vehicle bulbs is only for reference.The filter system may not be 100% accurate,the bulb size may vary between trim of your vehicle and other conditions like manufacturer and aftermarket modifications.Please double check owners manual or original bulb size to confirm before placing an order.
2. If the LED bulb and fan do not work after installation, please try 180°reverse the plug and reconnect.

What's in the package
2 X 9012 led bulb
1 X Product Manual

9012 bulbs Specifications

Model: 9012(HIR2)
Power: 55W/Set(27.5W/Bulb)
Voltage: DC9-32V
Color Temperature: 6500K Cool White
Lumen: Up to 12,000 lms/Set
Waterproof Rate: IP 68
Operating Temperature: -45℃ - +80℃
Connect Type: Plug and Play

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The lights do not work properly
1.Check if the power connectors are properly
connected, and make sure that the vehicle headlight
switch is on the "ON" position.
2.Make sure that the vehicle's battery is fully
charged to supply power to the LED bulb.
3.Install the LED bulbs with the resistors (CANbus).
4.The resistor (CANbus) is polarity sensitive. If the
LED bulbs do not function properly after installation,
please reverse the resistor (CANbus) male
connector 180 degrees and try again.
One of the bulbs is not working
1.Make sure the connection is good. If one of the
bulbs still doesn't work, swap the left and right side
bulbs and test again.
2.Some series of car lights are polarity sensitive.If
the LED bulbs do not work properly after installation,
please reverse the connector 180 degrees and try
The lights flicker or flash
Install the LED bulb with the resistors (CANbus) to
resolve the issue..
A warning lamp appears on the vehicle's system dashboard.
This is a harmless side-effect of the low-wattage
LED bulbs not being recognized by the vehicle's
system and can be resolved with the installation of
an additional set of resistors (CANbus).
The light pattern is wrong after the car lights are installed
1. Check whether the lamp body is installed and
turned up and down. As H4, H13 and 9004/9007
models are installed separately from the top and the
2. Check whether the lamp body is rotated in the
correct direction and locked in place after inserting
the locking ring.
There is not enough space for installation on the passenger side
For some vehicles, such as Honda CRV 2007-2014,
the headlight assembly on the passenger side is
very close to the fuse box, so there is not enough
space to operate the bulb installation. So we need
unclip and adjust fuse box for easier access during
the installation process..
Dust cover can not be installed back
For some vehicles, the light housing dust cover can
not be installed back after installing the LED lights.
In this case, you can consult our brand customer
service to request a modified dust cover for free.
The light bulbs is
difficult to rotate in place.
For some vehicles, the light housing dust cover is
thick, which makes it difficult for LED bulbs to rotate
in place in the light housing. To solve this problem,
you need to forcefully push the LED bulbs into the
light housing and then rotate it clockwise.