RTT02 Specification

Rooftop Tent Specification



 Category Hard shell
Shell Coat Gel Coat
Seasons 4-seasons
Sleeping Capacity 2–3 people
Mattress height 5 cm/1.97 Inch (Removable sponge cover)
Bottom plate material Aluminum honeycomb
Net Weight 63 kg/139 LBS
Dimensions open 210*132*150 cm /82.7*52* 59.1(Inch)
Dimensions closed 210*132*16cm /82.7*52*6.3(Inch)


What is in the package?

  • 1. 5 cm sponge cushion;
  • 2. Tent related: ( Locks installed on the tent*2, Wire seat*6,Ladder hook*6, Hanging shoe cover hoop*2, Handle*1, key*2)
  • 3. Accessories: ( shoe cover*1, Steel wire*2, Ladder*1)
  • 4. Installation package:
  • (plastic plug*4, stair frame*4, parallel piece*4, slide piece*8, hexagonal wrench*1, 10/13 wrench*2, short screw with nut*8, long screw with nut* 8, subject to the actual object)


Note: The retractable ladder was stowed inside the rooftop tent.