Who are we

Novsight is a company that dedicated to professional LED lighting equipment and outdoor off-road products. We are a group of people who strive to our best to create the finest lighting solution in any condition, and keep improving our product through exploration and innovation. Meanwhile, we are also a group of people who importance to environment protection. Our goal is to be an environmental friendly manufacturer, protecting our community and our future through our effort.

Our Vision

To create the best experience for our customers. To protect our environment, and protect the soil for our next adventure.

Our Core Values

1) To build the best experience for our customers
2) Never cease our eager to explore
3) Portect our environment, protect the future of our Earth

Our Basic Principles

1) Be responsible and patient: provide solution with creativity instead of dwelling. Never make the same mistake twice.
2) Be curious/Stay foolish: Got any ideas? Good! Start moving! Never stop exploring a better solution, it is not just about "why?", it also about "why not?".
3) Keep promises: Do what we said. If we cannot, refer to the first principle
4) Obsessed with creating great experiences: capture every detail, optimize them and start from the small things. To bring a comfortable experience and satisfaction to our customer.
5) Positive intention: Assume positive intentions behind any behaviors, discard preconceived judgments, and approach everything with curiosity

How We Started

● Novsight is a combination of two words, "Nova" and "Sight", which means innovation in Latin. It is also the spirit of innovation that keeps us tirelessly looking for new technologies and creating new products. From automotive headlight bulbs, to off-road work lights, to outdoor products etc. 
● Novsight has always looking for new solution. We design the most suitable products for cars, create the best experience with our exploration spirit and satisfy the needs of car lovers and outdoor lovers.
● From now and on, Novsight will always maintain the spirit of exploration, persist in environment protection, and never stop creating a good experience. This is our story, this is our future.

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