Novsight H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight Bulbs



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Upgrading your Vehicle lighting with Novsight LED headlight bulbs


led headlight bulbs Wide field of vision


Safe Driving Brightness

This headlight H11 is extremely bright, 300% brighter Than Halogen. 12000 lumens 55W/per pair 6000K super white bulbs.

key features of novsight led bulbs H11 H8 H9


50,000+ Hours Lifespan

This H11 H8 H9 car bulbs can last-for-20 years if you drive 5-6 hours per day. With solid aviation aluminum body, 12,000RPM turbo fan provide efficient heat dissipation and supercooling ability. Ensure 50,000+ hours lifespan with better performance

Perfect Beam Pattern

N30 Series LED Headlight has an Optimized beam pattern that does not blind oncoming traffic with massive lumens. wider beam angle night keep driving safety for a night or extreme weather conditions

super focused beam of led bulbs


5 minutes Quick&Easy installation

1 :1 size design to original halogen bulb,true plug and play.install it in 5 minutes without any modifications and tools, perfectly fit your vehicle

fast installation of novsight H11 H8 H9


Before you hit the road at night, make sure there's nothing between you and your destination. 

With these headlight bulbs, your nighttime drives will surely be much more comfortable. They are bright (8000mcd on H8/H11, 4000mcd on H9), but not too bright that you blind people in cars or on bicycles. The beam pattern is nice and wide (40 degrees for H8/H11, 30 degrees for H9) and they also have a very long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours (that's about five years based on 12 hours per day). Not only that, they're easy to install without any soldering required.


No Glare

At 12,000 Lumens, this LED headlight bulbs are three times brighter than Halogen lamps - but without the glare. So you won’t have to worry about blinding oncoming traffic.

Wide Angle Beam

The wide beam angle projects light far ahead of your vehicle for substantially better night vision even under extreme weather conditions.

5-Minute Installation

You can install this by yourself without any tools or any previous experience. Just follow the instructions on the package and you’re good to go.

CAN-Bus Compatible

Never have to worry about bulb error messages or flickering lights again. This LED headlight bulb is compatible with most vehicle’s CAN Bus system and it will most likely fit yours.


Model: H11(H8, H9)

Power: 55W/Set(27.5W/Bulb)

Voltage: DC9-32V

Color Temperature: 6500K Cool White

Lumen: Up to 12,000 lms/Set

Waterproof Rate: IP 68

Operating Temperature: -45℃ - +80℃

Connect Type: Plug and Play

What’s in the box?

  • 2 X LED H11 led bulbs
  • 1 X Product Manual


  1. The filter system may not be 100% accurate and the bulb size may vary among vehicle models. Please double-check your vehicle manual or the original bulb socket size before placing an order.
  2. If the LED bulb and fan do not work after installation, just remove it, flip the bulb and reinstall.
Canbus ready for 98% Vehicles

Our bulbs fit for most vehicle's computer systems without errors such as radio interference, light flash. If you are not sure which bulb size fits your vehicle.

Any problem please contact with us.

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