High power, stable output, suitable for replacing halogen lights

Best OEM Replacement

Novsight® LED Bulb Series

Part 1 High brightness bulb series:

N60 Ultra Series (Recommended) 200W, 40000LM
N67 Pro Series (Silent Fan) 140W, 30000LM
N67 EP Series(eco-friendly), 100W, 20000LM
N62 Ultra Series Wireless, 100W, 22000LM
N52 Plus Series,100W, 20000LM

Part 2 Sufficient brightness bulb series:

N56 Plus Series Wireless 90W, 20000LM
N63 Mini 1:1 Series 70W-90W, 16000LM-20000LM
N66 Pro Series Wireless 80W, 18000LM
N39 Standard Series 72W, 10000LM (out of stock)
N61 General Series 60W, 13000LM

Part 3 Cost-effective bulb series:

N11 Standard Series 60W, 13000LM
N58 General Series Wireless (Mini) 60W, 12000LM
N64 Pro-Mini Series 1:1 (H7 Size) 60W, 12000LM
N30 Standard Series Wireless 55W, 12000LM
N36 Universal Series Wireless 40W, 12000LM

The Series that have been taken off the sale:
N39 Series/ N37 Series/ F03 Series

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