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Plug and Play H7 LED bulb upgrade for your Volkswagen

Plug and Play H7 LED bulb upgrade for your Volkswagen

Halogen, xenon, laser, and LED lighting systems are the four principal kinds of bulbs accessible for use in cars. While halogen light bulbs have been the norm for U.S. vehicles since the 1970s, some car companies are switching to LED headlights for their vehicles.

There are quite a few factors to be aware of to upgrade your Volkswagen with LED lights. The last thing anybody needs is to waste a bunch of cash on a replacement of lights just to find they're a long way from what they imagined.

So, in case you choose to go LED, which we strongly suggest, you need to look over some characteristics of LED lights and chose the right one for your car. This would avoid any additional after-market wiring and adapters required usually and guide you directly to ready-to-install plug-and-play LEDs with suitable adapters and retainers.

Some car owners who know well about these technological advancements in this area usually replace their standard halogen bulbs with LED lights for better lighting design and reliability. If you are looking forward to switching to LED lights on your VW, here’s what you need to know:

Advantages of switching to LEDs

Probably the most compelling motivation for the change from halogen to LED lighting is the low power consumption expected to run LED lights. LED headlights utilize just a small portion of the power needed to run standard halogen headlights.

Less power burden on your system implies less wear on your battery and alternator. Assuming that you coincidentally leave the headlights on when the vehicle isn't running, your LED headlights may not attract sufficient power to kill your battery.

LED Headlights Last Longer

Halogen headlights are far less expensive than LED lights, however, they just have a life expectancy of somewhere in the range of 1,000 and 6,000 hours. LED lights can give you 25,000 to 30,000 hours of continuous vehicle lighting. The long existence of the LED bulb is a big advantage for individuals who own many cars and drive long distances on regular basis.

Conversion Process

Changing out front light bulbs is a complex process in certain vehicles. While changing a halogen bulb, specialists caution you not to contact the glass of the bulb. Oil and other garbage on your hands can move to the bulb glass. Whenever that oily or slick covering warms up, it can harm the halogen bulb and lessen its life expectancy.

LED lights aren’t as sensitive to the dirt on your hands. You don’t have to be delicate when changing LED headlight bulbs. This factor makes the onerous task of changing out bulbs far easier.

Choosing the right LEDs:


The brightness of a LED bulb is estimated in lumens, so that is a significant element to focus on while picking a substitution. You will need to look at their publicized working life on the off chance that you're doing a ton of night driving.

In particular, many LED front lamp bulbs can be used instead of halogen headlights assuming that you're searching for a brighter, longer-enduring light. Some of the makers incorporate plug-and-play units with their items, so you don't have to do any changes to your vehicle. Brightness can depend both on the particular bulbs accessible for your vehicle, and the different model lines that producers offer, yet it ranges from 6,000lm (lumens) up to 12,000lm. In any case, even 6,000lm is more brilliant than practically any halogen headlights and consumes an optimum amount of power.

A bad beam pattern will produce glare light and dazzle the oncoming traffic. For safety driving, we will suggest you pick a led headlight with a great Optical design and a standard beam pattern.

Cooling system

The LED bulbs you select must have a cooling system built into them. Fins were being used in the past but in these modern times, turbo cooling fans are used for fast cooling to prevent the bulbs from malfunctioning due to overheating. Moreover, the LEDs should be well functioning in every weather, so in addition to being waterproof, they should also contain dustproof seals.


Before finishing your purchase, you ought to investigate the quality of the LED bulbs sold by the producer. It can be judged by the guaranteed time given by the maker or the audits from past clients. You ought to look for a yearlong guarantee on the acquisition of your LED lights.

LED bulbs for your VW

As you can see that choosing the right LED headlights can be a very thorough process if you don’t want to waste your money on trying out some easily available products in the market. Well, this part of research and selection has already been done on our part for many different car models. If you own a Volkswagen, we have narrowed it down to a perfect product suitable for various models of VW.

The product we are offering is H7 LED Headlight Bulbs with Fixing Adapter which are custom made so that can easily be installed on various models of your Volkswagen without problems with electromagnetic interference, light flickering, and error codes.

custom led bulbs for vw golf

*Please check your VW models are with H7 bulbs first.

*These custom-made H7 bulbs are not for HID or LED from the factory.

Plug-and-Play ability

For many previous German cars, the conversion from halogen headlight bulbs to LED bulbs was not an easy task because the fitting was a huge problem. The LED bulbs needed special adapters and retaining clips to hold the bulbs in place inside the housing of the headlights. The custom H7 LED headlight bulbs we offer (NOVSIGHT H7 LED Headlight Bulb with Fixing Adapter) are ready to install replacement which includes the adapter and retainer previously bought separately from the market. This cuts out any additional costs and time, moreover, the product we offer is specially made for some VW range models.

custom made H7 bulbs for vw

Compatible Vehicles:
2012-2018 Volkswagen Passat
2010-2017 Volkswagen Golf
2010-2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI
2012-2017 Volkswagen Golf R
2012-2016 Volkswagen EOS
2012-2014 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagon
2012-2017 Volkswagen Tiguan

Underlying custom ZES LED chip will create 6000 lumens, 6500k cool white light, multiple times brighter than halogen bulbs. More noteworthy brightness can work on your permeability around evening time, permitting you to see street signs and environmental elements, expanding the safety of night travel. These LED bulbs have an extraordinary running time of more than 50000 hours and we also offer 2 years warranty to our valued customers for better service.

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