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SEMA Show 2023: Day 2 – NOVSIGHT Resonance with KOLs, the Future of the Brand is Here

SEMA Show 2023: Day 2 – NOVSIGHT Resonance with KOLs, the Future of the Brand is Here

Dear readers, welcome to continue following NOVSIGHT's footsteps into the second day of SEMA SHOW. Today at the SEMA Show, our steps are more determined, and our exchanges with every visiting KOL are more in-depth.

Focus on KOLs: Witness the Power of NOVSIGHT's New Products

Among the highlights of today, the most shining are the KOLs who walked into our booth. They not only have a wide range of influence, but also hold unique and profound insights into the development of the automotive aftermarket industry. In order to better convey their voices, we specially prepared a video interview session to record their evaluation and recognition of NOVSIGHT's new products and brand. Their every word is a great encouragement to the NOVSIGHT team.

KOL Wonderful Speeches

  1. @Rocky Mountain Backcountry: “You know the lighted mirrors I think they're perfect I was really surprised that they were a metal product and not a plastic I really like that good durability”
  2. @ghillie_the_jeep: “I absolutely love everything. I've always loved all your products lighting and all the rooftop tent. I think it's amazing I love it all”
  3. @Justin SVT: “I love the brand I use them every day I actually drive in the night every single day with them very bright very great to see” So many compliments, thanks to them, and for more check out our video!"
  4. So many compliments, thanks to them, and for more check out our video!

Look forward to the future

On the second day of SEMA Show, we not only strengthened our ties with industry KOLs, but also added weight to the brand awareness and market recognition of NOVSIGHT products. We are aware that every interaction and feedback is a catalyst for our growth.

The enthusiasm of the exhibition did not diminish with the coming of night. Our team felt a sense of accomplishment and excitement in the midst of busyness. As SEMA Show enters the middle stage, we look forward to more exchanges and collisions of inspiration. In the coming days, we will continue to work hand in hand with industry elites to promote innovation and development in the industry.

Thank you to all the friends who came to the booth today, especially those KOLs who left wonderful words in the video interview. Their affirmation is the greatest encouragement to the NOVSIGHT team, and it is also the driving force that drives us to keep moving forward.

Tomorrow, there will be more exchanges and surprises waiting for everyone. Please continue to follow our social media accounts for the latest news, and don't miss our daily updates to experience every wonderful moment of SEMA Show.

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