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Why Choose The Different Color Temperature Headlight

Why Choose The Different Color Temperature Headlight

Traditional Multi-color temperature Headlight, you must put on the color film manually to change its color temperature.


Now, You do not have to be so troublesome.


NOVSIGHT Dual -color- LED headlight use two sets of beads controlled by singlechip, you can switch your light color temperature just turn on-turn off and turn on your headlight button.


When we drive a car ,we need headlights and fog lights to deal with different weather.


5000K 6500K-The Best LED Color of Headlights


The color temperature of 5000K to 6500K most closely resembles sunlight, in which the human eye sees best.  


3000k-Yellow Fog Light 


Fog lights are a major necessity in any vehicle, particularly in places where the climate is unpredictable.Yellow light is suitable for bad climate because it can cut through air moisture as compared to white light.


Why Choose The Different Color Temperature HeadlightWhy Choose The Different Color Temperature Headlight



 Novsight New Arrival Dual Color Temperature Headlight -- Yellow & White



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Alexander Semenov

Alexander Semenov

Does it change every time you turn off the car.
Example ; fog lights on white, drive to work for the day. Leave to go home. Is the light still lite as white?

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