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What does it mean if the color of your car is red?

What does it mean if the color of your car is red?

Colors have always been fascinating since the dawn of time. If you use light, you can also use color. Bright white light is a mixture of colors imaginable - we know, because we can break it down into its components. Different colors have different historical significance, they evoke emotions, attract attention, and can integrate into the background. When you buy a car and stick to a specific color, you feel intuitively guided. Unless your car is a dark blue station wagon, it's just a prime car and should be awake and time-honored at high resale prices, we have some "colorful" insights into you. They are unscientific and do not apply to everyone, but maybe you acknowledge yourself or your friends in these descriptions. Today we take a look at the RED car.

Let us become emotional.

Red is also exciting. Its powerful influence on our autonomic nervous system has been demonstrated. Our metabolism and appetite are driven by red. Red like fire! Even though the fire is dangerous, it gives us warmth and comfort. Red represents passion, sensibility, and a conscious desire to fully experience life. All this is well applied to many sports cars, and a little imagination, but also for any "ordinary" car. Although red was a normal color to new cars 30 years ago, it almost disappeared in the 1990s and 2000s. It is now enjoying a revival, which raises the question of whether the buyers of new cars are more emotional and emotional now.

Red stand out.

As the colors of cars became more and more extravagant in 1990, fire engines and ambulances had to imitate and paint colors, even "crasser", otherwise they would not stand out in other vehicles. Fire engines are not just red. This is more like a screaming neon light. But the red still attracts the eyes of all black, dark blue and silver company cars. Brave. Choose red. Do you know all the characteristics of this color? Are you a "red" person? Or do you know if someone will fit a red car? When you look at your lovely and reliable hatchback and ask yourself why it is (or is not) red, keep in mind that red is always the color that children of all ages absolutely love. The reason is sufficient. Red is boring!


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