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Reasonable Use of LED Headlights

Use car LED headlights correctly

The rules about headlights

  1. The beam should not be blinding for the approaching driver.
  2. Beam should reach to sufficient distance to make driver aware of upcoming road hazards, while driving at higher speeds.
  3. Color of beam should highlight different colored objects properly.

Please have a look at the image below. The image represents recommended beam angle(s) and pattern for a 4 wheeler vehicle.

Picture of the correct illumination of a car headlight beam

What manufacturers do to comply with above rules?

  1. Determining type of bulb (for deciding color, intensity of beam).
  2. Design of reflectors (for correct beam patterns)
  3. High/Low functionality (for long distance vs short distance view)

Then why people say LEDs are annoying

  1. Most people retrofit an LED bulb inside a reflector that is designed for Halogen type bulbs. This messes up with the beam pattern the reflector is meant to emit, causing the beam to spread unnecessarily and becomes hindrance to approaching drivers.
  2. Most LED bulbs come with high intensity with output far exceeding their halogen counterparts.
  3. Most people (and cops) hence think that culprit is LED bulb, while the real culprit is ‘Non compliance of LED bulb and (halogen) reflector.

Rest assured, if correct LED reflectors are used (projectors go well with LEDs) rendering good beam pattern and the intensity is within limits, then LEDs are perfectly street legal.

It is worth mentioning that, in response to the above problems, NOVSIGHT has conducted research on various types of halogen lamp adapters, and improved the design of LED lamps, so that the luminous effect of our LEDs and halogen lamps can achieve a 1:1 effect. As headlights. They offer sheer advantages such as good color rendering index, high intensity with very low power consumption and more durability.

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