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NovSight LED Install-replace fog lights for 2015 honda civic

LED installation position


Today i will replace 9th gen 2015 Honda Civic fog lights because the old one always dusty.we're going to start some leds for the fog lights here.I got novsight H11 led bulbs.

This really high quality and this came in a nice little box,with a little gift.No need to worry about the LED will damage during the shipping since the bulbs are protected very well.So you shouldn't have any issues when you install.It should be a simple install.

I am going to be taking off the front bumper because i do find it easier

Firstly steps you need to know

  1. Getting Started - Preparesocket sets/gloves/safety glasses/fog light
  2. Open the Hood - How to pop the hood and prop it open
  3. Remove Bulb - Steps by steps to remove a burnt out bulb,firstly you need to locate the fog bulbs
  4. Helpful tips - How to find replacement bulb type for my model?How to find fog light bulb size? Check in the search bar,or click here to search
  1. Replace Bulb - Procedures to replace the new bulb
  2. More Info. - novsight fog lights with fans,but no noise at all


To access the fog lights rather than like sticking your hand behind here and pulling off the splash guard and all that stuff, very simple process, this is going to be a bolt that's right here you take that bolt off, it's going to be screwed in right here , once you take that off do the same thing to the other side put your hand underneath it and pry up it'll pop out and then there's gonna be two of these underneath your under tray, you need to take those two bolts out and also take out these four, but these things they're going to be for them take out all four of those and then you'll be able to pop off your bumper, it's not really hard, very simple just make sure you're not trying to force anything, because if you do you will break those tabs and end up with something like this, but i'm not the one who did this so i'm gonna have to figure out how to fix that because now it makes my bumper not sit right and it's very very annoying but like i was saying before remember i said i don't have any fog lights, i literally don't have any fog lights something happened to this one and broke this whole bezel and not the bezel like the whole housing and this one's the only one that's in, but it doesn't even work, i don't know why i literally don't have idea why it doesn't work i just know it doesn't work but we get to take them things off wait something's something's missing.


As you can see that little like o-ring this right here is supposed to be on the bulb that i have but it's not so hopefully i could just like twist it or something or probably put the bowl back inside and then twist it see if it comes off because this is not possible to stay inside, it's supposed to look like this so let's get this done and got it out, this was a little piece right here, i was talking about it somehow got stuck and uh yeah what i used was my little plier, so simple process now.

We're just gonna install these in insert and screw until it clicks boom there goes one and to do the others the same process as will insert and boom just like that, both of them are installed now. we're already throwing back on the car and see them boys shine because i'm ready all right so bumpers back on as you can see it did rain a little bit,it's time to test them out, those are pretty bright,i can't really tell the difference because it's daytime still but it is pretty bright i like it. i like the look it's clean one thing i really like about these fog lights are that they're really quiet, these do have a fan to cool and as you can hear you don't hear nothing, which is pretty cool because you don't really find that in a lot of headlights are usually really noisy when they have the fans on them, but these are pretty quiet, i really like that.

Fog light  H11 fit  for 2006-2015 Honda civic with coupe/sedan,for more details check here

For more automotive lighting questions,you can contact novsight facebook page at here

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