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It is better to choose HID or LED for car lighting.


People always take HID and LED lights to compare, especially when choosing to modify the lights, it will always be a bit hesitant to use HID lights or LED lights. In fact, to understand the Pros and Cons of HID headlights and LED lights, you can choose which one to choose according to your needs. Then, let's discuss the Pros and Cons of HID and LED lights respectively.


Here are some advantages of HIDs:

  1. The color temperature of HIDheadlights ranges from 3000K to 12000K. The color temperature of 6000K is similar to that of sunlight, but it contains more green and blue components, so it shows blue-white light. This blue-and-white light increases the brightness of road and signs;


  1. The HID’s brightnessis three times brighter than the halogen lamp, which has a significant effect on improving the visibility while driving at night and in the foggy weather;


  1. HIDheadlights emit more than twice the luminous flux of halogen headlights, and the efficiency of converting electrical energy into light energy is also 70% higher than halogen headlights can do. Therefore, HID headlights have relatively high energy density and light intensity. The increase of the car's headlights brightness also effectively widens the visual range in front of the car, thus creating safer driving conditions;


  1. Energy saving!halogen headlights consume more than 60W of electricity while HID headlights only need 35W of electricity;


  1. Since the HIDheadlight has no filament, there is no problem of scrapping due to the broken filament. The service life is much longer than the halogen headlight. The service life of the HID headlight is equivalent to the total running time of the average life cycle of the car;


  1. HID headlightswill not fail instantly, but gradually dimming (or quickly lighting) so that can buy some time for the driver when emergency stop occur in night driving.



Of course, apart from the above advantages HID headlights have the following disadvantages.

  1. Thelight concentration is not worth mentioning, there are two factors in the absence of concentrating:

 The light bulb and the light cup are not properly matched;

 The installation is not in place or not well debugged.

  1. The fault light is on because the original car's bulbhas higher power loss(55W) while the HID headlight power has lower power required(35W). As the HID headlight, its initiate current is 8A, and the original car It is 6.2A , so the setting of the original car does not match HIDs. It needs to get the circuit mode modified in order to use HIDs.
  2. The automatic flameout is caused by electromagnetic interference due toexcessive starting current. This can be solved by keeping the stabilizer away from the engine or switching to a low current stabilizer.


Next, let's talk about the Pros and Cons of LED headlights.


First of all, the advantages of LED lights:

  1. LEDs have longworking hours, usually up to tens of thousands or even 100,000 hours. Some people think that if LEDs are used for future auto lighting, replacement of headlights will not be needed for the entire car life;
  2. High efficiencyand low energy consumption. The LED light source can directly produce the red, amber and other colors required by the automobile headlight without filtering color. The power utilization rate is as high as 80% or more;
  3. High light quality, environmentally friendly products are basically no radiation;
  4. The structure of the LEDis simple, the internal support structure is surrounded by a transparent epoxy resin, and the seismic performance is good;
  5. No delay, fast response (nanoseconds), suitable for fast moving objects;
  6. Suitable for low voltage work, can be applied to any auto;
  7. LEDs occupy a small space, the designer can change the headlightmode at will, so that the car shape is diversified. Automotive manufacturers favor LEDs, which are entirely determined by the advantages of LED



Of course, LED lights have the following disadvantages compared to HID headlights:

  1. Highercost, taking LED reversing lights as an example, the cost of an LED reversing light is about 5 dollar, and a bulb cost just 0.5 dollar. The high price has caused ordinary car owners not willing to purchase LED lights, and the market is hard to be promoted.
  2. LEDcar headlights are difficult to popularize, heat dissipation issue will be hard to solve. Affect the life of the headlight.
  3. There is no industry standard, and the quality of the products is not promised;
  4. Difficulties on its light design;
  5. Poor maintenance performance;
  6. The point of light source makes the appearance of the headlightand the light bulb we are used to have a certain difference, and the acceptance of people is challenged.


In short, HID and LED headlights have their own Pros and Cons, but from the perspective of the entire technology development, LED lights will be the mainstream of the future lighting industry


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