Tienda de campaña cebra en la azotea

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Precio de oferta$2,999.00 USD

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Tamaño de la tienda de campaña en la azotea Novsight Zebra

Especificación de la tienda de campaña Zebra en la azotea:

Tipo Tienda de campaña de cubierta dura en la azotea
Peso 68 kilos
Tamaño (cerrado/abierto) 226x153x1 8cm/226x153x150cm
Capacidad para dormir 2 personas
Material de carcasa dura Perfil de aleación de aluminio + Panel de nido de abeja de aleación de aluminio
Estructura inferior de la carcasa Estructura de quilla
Tela de tienda Tela Oxford ignífuga
ventana de la tienda tres ventanas
Material de la cremallera Tela de nailon reflectante.
Palanca hidráulica externa Hierro (níquel galvanizado)
Escalera Escalera retráctil de aleación de aluminio de 6 kg/2,3 m

¿Qué hay en el paquete?

● Mango (1 pieza)
● Tuerca de plástico (8 piezas)
● Estator en forma de U (4 piezas)
● Contratuerca (8 piezas)
● Pernos en forma de T de 55 mm (8 piezas)
● Llave de trinquete de 13 mm (1 pieza)
● Pernos en forma de T M8*35 mm (8 piezas)
● Tornillo con cabeza hexagonal cilíndrica M8*L15 mm (2 unidades)
● Manual (1 pieza)

Nota: La escalera retráctil se guardó dentro de la tienda de campaña en la azotea.

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    Zebra's performance on different vehicle


    Comparison of Zebra and other RTT

    Tienda de campaña cebra en la azotea
    Tienda de campaña cebra en la azotea Precio de oferta$2,999.00 USD
    Tienda de campaña Skynest en la azotea
    Tienda de campaña Skynest en la azotea Precio de oferta$1,899.00 USD Precio normal$2,299.00 USD
    Tienda de campaña ligera en la azotea
    Tienda de campaña ligera en la azotea Precio de oferta$1,599.00 USD Precio normal$1,899.00 USD
    Tienda de campaña cebra en la azotea
    Tienda de campaña cebra en la azotea Precio de oferta$2,999.00 USD
    Tienda de campaña Skynest en la azotea
    Tienda de campaña Skynest en la azotea Precio de oferta$1,899.00 USD Precio normal$2,299.00 USD
    Tienda de campaña ligera en la azotea
    Tienda de campaña ligera en la azotea Precio de oferta$1,599.00 USD Precio normal$1,899.00 USD

    226*153*150cm/89*60*59 inch

    210*143*160cm/83*56*63 icnh

    210*132*150cm/83*52*59 inch





    Lightweight Structure




    Load Bearing




    Cross Bar




    Fabric Material

    210D+600D Oxford Cloth

    280g Polyester Cotton Plaid Cloth

    280g Polyester Cotton Plaid Cloth

    Waterproof Rating




    Breathable Window




    U-shaped rod stabilizing bracket





    Reflective Nylon Zipper

    Stainless Steel Zipper

    SBS Resin Zipper

    Hydraulic Rod


    Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel

    Shoe Bag




    Lighting Hook




    Mattress Size

    208*135*7cm/82*53*2.75 inch

    200*131*5cm/79*52*2 inch

    118*120*5cm/46*47*2 inch

    Zebra RTT Impressive Feedback

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Customer's vehicle: Chevy Colorado
    Good value on a nice tent

    I ordered on a Wednesday it showed the following Friday after going on a website and setting up a delivery date. I was happy with the delivery service. After looking at fsr and crafuel I saw this tent on defiant offroads youtube video It looks to be using the same frame latches boot bags. With a sale and tax and shipping included I found this to be significantly less expensive than the other options. I like the color most of the time I’m going to be using it is in the summer I don’t want an all black tent. Pops up easy. Ladder mounts on the rear and driver side I would have liked if they included the third side. The mattress isn’t bad. It’s not sleeping on a cloud but it will do for now. I might try the aircore mattress from fsr. the little windows that can be used as a pass through. I’m not sure if I’ll use the side flaps much seem a little flimsy. I like that they are included and optional. Probably nice at keeping the rain out of the tent as you climb in or out. Includes a nice patch kit. No room for bedding. Other models have a light strip. I use a olight lantern mini from the ceiling hook. I hang a claymore fan when it’s warm. Overall I’m really satisfied with my purchase. Looks to be a well built tent. Buy with confidence. As advertised.

    Customer's vehicle: 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
    Amazing overland tent!

    If you're an overland enthusiast like me, searching for the perfect rooftop tent ends here! The Novsight Zebra Rooftop Tent has completely revolutionized my camping experience.

    Firstly, let's talk about space. This tent is a Tardis! Despite its compact appearance when folded, once opened, it's a spacious haven. There's ample room for two adults, and even a furry companion if you have one. Plus, the built-in mattress ensures a comfortable night's sleep under the stars.

    Convenience is the name of the game, and this tent nails it. Setup is a breeze – I can have it ready in minutes, leaving more time for exploring. The sturdy construction and waterproof materials provide peace of mind in any weather condition. Plus, the included ladder makes accessing the tent a cinch.

    Now, onto the overland features. This tent is built for adventure. Its rugged design can withstand rough terrain, ensuring it's ready for whatever the journey throws at it. Whether I'm traversing rocky trails or navigating muddy paths, I know my shelter is secure.

    Overall, the Novsight Zebra Rooftop Tent is a game-changer for overland enthusiasts. With its spacious interior, convenience, and rugged design, it's the ultimate companion for any adventure. Highly recommended!

    LOVE it!!

    It was a bit pricey so I was a little hesitant to order at first, but our planned camping time was coming up so we compared a few stores and finally decided to buy from Novsight.
    To my pleasant surprise, their service was very good. After placing the order, they immediately contacted me and arranged delivery for me. After receiving it, the rooftop tent is better than I expected. As Novsight says, installation is simple. It only takes about 1 minute to open, which saves me most of my time. It has 3 windows. I believe that in the summer, it won't be stuffy inside, and I might even be able to see the stars. Comes with 2 shoe bags, which is very considerate. Even if it rains, I dont have to worry about getting the inside of the tent dirty. I ordered this for my husband, we plan to start camping next week and may encounter some bad weather, but I believe this tent will help us cope. It turns out that this tent is worth the price, I like it! ! !

    Vincent Karlin
    Design for campers

    Great quality, super fast delivery, easy to install, although I had to make some modifications to my rack because the bolts were too short, but well made, super fast delivery, I'm looking forward to using this tent in the near future and getting the most out of it , by the way, this tent has a luggage rack, good job! I can put some of my luggage on it in anticipation of the upcoming camping trip


    I have been considering purchasing another brand of RTT which is twice the price of the Novsight rooftop tent. Like most people who purchased this tent, I was pleased to see how good the quality was! I read a lot of reviews on YouTube from an overlander who bought a Novsightt tent and they all gave it good reviews. That's why I'm interested in Novsight's Zebra rooftop tent. If you're hesitant about buying one of these tents, buy one, you won't regret it.

    Sturdy Rooftop Tent

    All filled with great experiences. From the time we ordered, we contacted the company to inquire about shipping and delivery. Customer service is great. The package arrived in a well made shipping box. The box was indeed damaged when it arrived, but further inspection revealed that the tent did not have any damage. The container and contents were a bit heavy. After opening and installing, I was amazed by the quality. The material of the tent was much thicker than expected. The tent worked very well and there was a lot of space inside. It's also bigger than expected. The mattress that comes with it is nice, but I will eventually upgrade because I am heavy and I need a taller mattress. The real concern with this product is the small bolts used to secure the mounting rails to the tent. They are small and I hope they never come loose or break since I do a lot of trail and highway riding. No problem yet, just worried.

    Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase. I would definitely buy this product again and recommend it. Everyone I know who has purchased it says it's on par with more expensive devices.