Quick Installation for 9004 LED Bulbs

Online Instruction PDF download

Please know that for the same series they share the same user manual, just find your product series and download from the below link, if you still have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us. Online instruction PDF download

N11US-9004 (Red Colorbox) Download here

N30US-9004 (Blue Colorbox) Download here

N52-9004 (Green Colorbox)  Download here

N56US-9004 (Blue Colorbox) Download here

N60US-9004 (Blue Colorbox) Download here

N61US-9004 (Blue Colorbox) Download here

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Quick Troubleshooting

The lights do not work properly1. Check if the power connectors are properly connected, and make sure that the vehicle headlight switch is on the "ON" position.
2. Make sure that the vehicle's battery is fully charged to supply power to the LED bulb.
3. Install the LED bulbs with the resistors (CAN bus).
 4. The resistor (CAN bus) is polarity sensitive. If the LED bulbs do not function properly after installation, please reverse the resistor (CAN bus) male connector 180 degrees and try again.
One of the bulbs is not working1. Make sure the connection is good. If one of the bulbs still doesn't work, swap the left and right side bulbs and test again.
 2. Some series of car lights are polarity sensitive.If the LED bulbs do not work properly after installation, please reverse the connector 180 degrees and try again.
The lights flicker or flashInstall the LED bulb with the resistors (CAN bus) to resolve the issue..
The light pattern is wrong after the car lights are installed1. Check whether the lamp body is installed and turned up and down. As H4, H13 and 9004/9007 models are installed separately from the top and the bottom.
2. Check whether the lamp body is rotated in the correct direction and locked in place after inserting the locking ring.
There is not enough space for installation on the passenger sideFor some vehicles, such as Honda CRV 2007-2014, the headlight assembly on the passenger side is very close to the fuse box, so there is not enough space to operate the bulb installation. So we need unclip and adjust fuse box for easier access during the installation process..
Dust cover can not be installed backFor some vehicles, the light housing dust cover can not be installed back after installing the LED lights. In this case, you can consult our brand customer service to request a modified dust cover for free.
The light bulbs is difficult to rotate in place.For some vehicles, the light housing dust cover is thick, which makes it difficult for LED bulbs to rotate in place in the light housing. To solve this problem, you need to forcefully push the LED bulbs into the light housing and then rotate it clockwise.

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