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Why Do We Use 3 Inch Off-Road Lighting Pods When We Overland

3 inch LED light pods
See, this is the effect of Novsight 3-inch spotlights shining on a field road at night. You can see the stones and sand on the ground and the grass on both sides of the road.

Today we are going to share a good friend of the Novsight brand, The Adventure Zombie: an automotive outdoor off-road specialist. He installed Novsight 3-inch spotlights on his car and tested and recorded how they actually worked outdoors.

3 inch pods install on the car

Those who like outdoor driving all know that the most important thing to ensure our safety is the field of vision. When the light is not enough, only the headlights on the car are not enough, not only the brightness is not enough, but also a lot of blind areas, like the following picture. The distance we could see was short, and it was dark on both sides of the driveway.

Driving the car without the 3 inch pods lighting

Let's take a look at the effect when the 3-inch spot light is turned on. It is the same outdoor environment at night. The road ahead and the side are clear. We can see the holes in the ground, we can see the stones on both sides of the road, we don't have to be careful to hit what. This is where the novsight spotlights helped me most.

Driving the car with the 3 inch pods lighting

In fact, when I set them up and tested them during the day, I was a little disappointed that the lights didn't look that bright (meme), but they included an amber shade that worked well with fog lamps, so I decided to drive out at night and test them out.

Driving the car with the 3 inch pods lighting

It's amazing how effective it is at night, beyond my imagination. It is very bright and the light type is very good. I bought fog lights and driving lights. You can see that the yellow light is concentrated in the middle of the road, while the driving light is at a very large Angle, covering the front and two sides

the light type

After the actual driving test, I am satisfied with these two sets of 3-inch spotlights, they are of good quality, each headlight is equipped with a cover, which can prevent sand stones from damaging the headlights, and when driving in urban areas, I don't need to remove these lights, just put the cover on, they can stay there 24 hours.

The covered spotlights are on the car

Thank you very much for sharing his experience of using the 3-inch lamp with us. I hope more cross-country enthusiasts can share his cross-country experience and stories with us

Adventure is Calling

All images in this article are provided byAll images in this article are provided by: The Adventure Zombie

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