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What makes LED technology so popular?

What makes LED technology so popular?

What makes LED technology so popular? On the one hand, the low energy consumption compared to filament lamps which mainly heat their surroundings. This lifetime can lead to more than three times, and that results in justifies the higher price.On the other hand,the combination of LED clusters (matrices) with intelligent measuring and control electronics. This allows for a combination of,say,24 individual LEDs to shine always at full power as a headlight. When a car approaches, the electronics only switch off the LEDs that dazzle the driver of the oncoming car. So the object is basically masked out. And there's always more light on other parts of the road so obstacles and hazards can be recognized earlier.Excellent.

For the Golf VI with standard halogen headlights, the Osram team has specifically developed brand new LEDriving XENARC headlights which also contain a healthy portion of LEDs. Probably best to say goodbye to the light bulb now.Anyway, my physics teacher has also retired by now, but nobody is thinking of retiring the LED anytime soon.

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