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How to Choose the Perfect Rooftop Tent: Key Considerations Before You Buy

How to choose novsight rooftop tent
Buying a rooftop tent is an excellent choice for outdoor adventures, enhancing your camping comfort and safety. However, selecting the right rooftop tent can be challenging. Before purchasing, you need to consider the size of your roof rack, its load capacity, the durability of the tent, and the included accessories. This article will detail these four aspects to help you make an informed decision.

1.Roof Rack Size

Understanding and measuring the size of your roof rack is crucial before choosing a rooftop tent. Note that not all vehicles come with roof racks, so most of the time, roof racks need to be installed afterward.
  • How to Measure Roof Rack Size
Roof racks generally come in two types: full-length and two crossbars. Here's how to measure each type:
  1. Full-Length: Measure the total length and width of the roof from front to back. This type of roof rack usually covers the entire roof and is suitable for larger rooftop tents.
  2. Crossbars: Measure the distance (span) between the front and rear crossbars and the length of each bar. Ensure the length and span of the crossbars are suitable for the tent installation.
  • Different Vehicle Types
SUVs can typically install full-length roof racks, which are longer and wider, making them suitable for large rooftop tents. On the other hand, compact cars may benefit from two crossbars, which ensure stability while saving space.

2.Roof Rack Load Capacity

When choosing a rooftop tent, you must consider the load capacity of your roof rack and the tent's weight.
  • Load Capacity and Tent Weight
Each roof rack has a maximum load limit, usually specified in the product manual. Ensure the total weight of the rooftop tent and the occupants does not exceed this limit. For instance, if your roof rack's maximum load is 200 pounds and the tent weighs 160 pounds, the total weight of occupants and gear should not exceed 40 pounds. (Note: The load capacity mentioned here refers to the dynamic limit, i.e., the load limit while the vehicle is in motion. The static load capacity, which applies when the vehicle is stationary, is typically 4-6 times higher, depending on the roof's material. This involves complex physical calculations, but rest assured, sleeping in the rooftop tent while the vehicle is stationary generally poses no issues.)
  • Pros and Cons of Different Tent Weights
Lightweight tents are easier to install and remove but may be less stable in windy or rainy conditions. Heavier tents offer better stability but require stronger roof racks and are more challenging to install.

3.Tent Durability

The material and durability of the tent directly affect its lifespan and performance in various weather conditions.
  • Novsight Tent Materials
Novsight rooftop tents use high-strength, tear-resistant polyester fabric with a waterproof coating to prevent rain infiltration. The interior features a soft, breathable cotton lining for a comfortable sleeping environment. The structural components use lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloy, ensuring durability while minimizing weight.
  • Material Comparison Among Brands
Different brands use various materials for their rooftop tents. For example, some use high-end waterproof canvas, which is pricier but performs exceptionally in extreme weather. Ordinary nylon is lightweight but may deteriorate with prolonged sun exposure.
  • Pros and Cons of Different Materials
There is no perfect rooftop tent; each material has its pros and cons. Aluminum-framed tents are lightweight but expensive, while steel frames are more affordable but heavier. Waterproof polyester suits general outdoor use, whereas high-density waterproof canvas is better for extreme conditions.

4.Rooftop Tent Features

The design details of different rooftop tents can significantly impact your user experience.
  •  Common Features in Rooftop Tents
Most rooftop tents come with interior storage pockets and side awnings. Some also include LED lighting systems, shoe bags, and other practical accessories.
  • Novsight Tent Accessories
Novsight rooftop tents typically include a high-density foam mattress, 1-2 shoe bags, 6-10 storage bagsand a set of installation tools.
When buying a rooftop tent, you need to consider the size and load capacity of your roof rack, choose a durable tent material that suits your needs, and pay attention to the practicality of included accessories. By understanding these aspects in detail, you will surely find the perfect rooftop tent to enhance your outdoor adventures with more fun and comfort.

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