7440 7441 7444 992 WY21W LED Turn Signal Lights Amber Yellow,Novsight



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BRIGHTNESS DIFFERENCE: Each bulb packed with 9 pcs high power 3020 SMD, 300% extremely brightness than halogen bulbs.

APPEARANCE DIFFERENCE: With the cover design concept, so that the light glows evenly, the light is not blinding, will not affect the rear of the car and road participants.

MATERIAL DIFFERENCE: 6063 aluminum body made, better heat dissipation, which means you can enjoy the brightness longer.

PERFORMANCE DIFFERENCE: Error free for 98% vehicles, plug and play, non-polarity, 5 minutes easy installation. No radio interference, no flickering or error code.

LIFESPAN DIFFERENCE: Due to the aluminum design and better dissipation, 50,000 hours of use time, the NOVSIGHT bulb will quietly accompany you through the 3 million-kilometer mileage.


No error messages for 98% of vehicles models, CANBUS system prevents error code and odd flickering on most vehicles. Note: The bulb socket size may vary between trim of your vehicle, please double check owners manual or original bulb size before ordering.

【Brighter&High Performance】

The NOVSIGHT LED bulbs apply the same length and position as the halogen bulbs, each bulb has 9 pieces high power 3020 LED chips, 360 degree extreme bright lighting output, you will be able to see farther and clearer when reversing even the rainy night.


Mini and standard size as the same as the original halogen bulbs, non-polarity and no more modifications. Matched the fit of the bulb socket: 7440A, 7440NA, 7440, 7441, 7443, 7443R, 7444, 992, W21W, plug and play, you can install 7440 led back up light easy even if you have no experience before.


Aluminum base cool down the heat rapidly, extends the service time of the 7443 led backup light up to 50,000hrs. With cover design, the NOVSIGHT led back up light can glow equally, not emit harsh light, will not affect the following vehicles and road participants


Buy with confidence, highest quality led bulbs available on the market. We provide a one-year warranty and best customer service, solve the issues at the first time of working hours.

Bulb Type: 7440

Fit Size: 7440A 7440NA 7440 7440SV 7443NA 7441 7443 7443R 7444 992 WY21W W21/5W W21W


  • Front&Rear Turn Signal Light
  • Back Up Light Tail Light
  • Center High Mount Stop Light


  • Color:Red/Amber Yellow/white
  • LED Chips: 9pcs 3020 LED chip
  • Lumens for Red/Amber Yellow/white : 240/498/680 lms
  • 2 bulbs/set

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