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We are thrilled to introduce to you the latest powerful product from the novsight team: Cyber6. This product boasts superior performance and a distinctive design, making it an ideal choice for passionate off-road enthusiasts who value individuality. Equipped with 7 LED beads, it offers a variety of lighting modes, unlocking a new experience in off-road lighting. In any weather and at any time, it allows you to engage in off-road activities more conveniently, get closer to nature, and challenge your limits.

Dual-Color Options Available!

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Cyber Orange

Warrior Black


Off-Road Aesthetics with Precision Design

Following the immensely popular halo series, we have set our sights on designing a new addition to the cyber series: the cyber6 inch. As the largest member of the cyber series to date, it also possesses the most formidable capabilities, featuring 7 LED beads. We have divided it into a spotlight module and a driving light module, where the LED chips, reflectors, and lenses work in harmony, each fulfilling their role, complemented by an outstanding exterior design, as well as excellent dustproof and waterproof performance. It will become your best assistant during off-road activities.


Best Design of the Year

Exceptional Exterior Design
Adjustable Mount
Multi-Mode Lighting Module


Ultra-high Power, Superb Output

The Cyber6 offers an astonishing power output, reaching up to 140W per light. We have integrated superior and stable Osram LED chip beads within the light housing, achieving an output brightness of 16100LM. Coupled with Novsight's exclusive chip tuning and meticulously refined reflector design, it maximizes the performance of the LED beads, minimizing light loss during output. Four LED beads, in conjunction with reflectors, are responsible for the spotlight area, while three LED beads, paired with lenses, handle the illumination of the driving light area, providing a unique off-road lighting experience unlike anything before.

Innovative Heat Dissipation Mechanism

The structural design of the Cyber6 ensures its all-weather and all-terrain usability. Crafted from aluminum alloy, the entire light body is equipped with internal gaskets that provide excellent dustproof and waterproof capabilities. The rear structure plays a key role in the overall design and maintaining stable power output, providing a stable environment for the powerful output of brightness and effectively enhancing the lifespan of the light body.

Cyber ​​Orange Lighting Modes

Spotlight Mode
Driving Light Mode
Combination Light Mode
When the Spotlight Mode is activated, the lights will illuminate as shown in the diagram above. With the precisely calibrated reflectors, it can provide an illumination distance of up to 2135FT, making it suitable for use in plains or open areas where you can quickly assess the situation of distant areas ahead.
When the Driving Light Mode is activated, the lights will illuminate as depicted in the diagram above. Coupled with optically verified lenses, it can provide an illumination span of up to 50FT in width and 397FT in distance. It also allows for switching between low beam, high beam, and a mixed mode to cater to various terrain lighting needs. Thei broad illumination range can compensate for the lack of close-up lighting in Spotlight Mode. Of course, the Spotlight and Driving Lights can be turned on simultaneously to achieve optimal light output.
When the Combination Light Mode is activated, it can achieve the highest brightness, offering both wider and farther visibility. This mode provides illumination up to 60 FT wide and, 2172FT in distance, enhancing your driving experience in the great outdoors.

Mode Switch

The lighting system is equipped with a wiring harness and a switch harness, enabling control over the lights' power on/off and switching through all lighting modes via the switch. The backlit buttons aid in better confirming the status of the lights, and it also supports connection to other wired or wireless switches for control. Detailed wiring tutorials will be available online in the coming days.

Switch Guide

The lighting is divided into two control zones: the spotlight zone and the driving light zone. The "OFF" button controls the spotlight zone, and the “M” button controls the driving light zone. Spotlight Zone Switch: A short press of the left button toggles the spotlight on or off.

Driving Light Zone Switch:
There are four lighting modes, which can be controlled in sequence through the button:
Mode 1:ow beam mode ;Mode 2: High beam mode ; Mode 3: Mixed light mode; Mode 4: Daytime running light mode
(Switch modes by pressing the “M" key. To turn off the lights in the driving light zone, hold the “M” key for 5 seconds.)

Included in the box


Cyber 6-Inch pod lights (2pcs)


Black covers (2pcs) and amber covers (2pcs, only available in cyber orange lights)


Stainless Steel Brackets (2pcs)


Switch to connect the wiring harness (1pc)

Wiring Harness

6-core one-to-two wire set (1pc)


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Beam Types

Spot/Driving(Daytime running lights are standard)

Spot/Driving (Daytime running lights are standard)

Housing Color

Cyber Orange

Warrior Black

Color Temperature



LED Quantity













Efficient Heat Dissipation Aluminum

Efficient Heat Dissipation Aluminum

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