Fog Light

Fog lights are a special sort of auxiliary lighting generally attached to the front or more rarely, the rear of a vehicle. The purpose of fog lights is to make it easier for drivers to clearly see the road ahead during misty or foggy conditions. In bad weather, like foggy, rainy, much of the light from your regular headlights is reflected back at you, which can impair rather than improve visibility. In contrast, fog lights are mounted low on the vehicle, and have a wide beam angled toward the ground, which reduces glare and enables you to better see the road ahead.

Novsight LED fog light Bulbs are manufactured with the highest standards of quality and performance for a long-lasting, dependable option for adding powerful lighting to your vehicle. We offer a wide selection of universal fit options to meet the specifications of nearly any make or model. These LED fog light bulbs come in a variety of wattage capabilities, so you get as much power as you need and are also available in several color options, including amber yellow, white, and super white. Easy to install with the typical plug and play method which requires very little effort and minimal hardware.

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