Front Rear Turn Signal Lights 1156 7506 BA15S LED Bulbs Back Up Light


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Make your nighttime drives worry-free and more relaxed with this ultra-bright, reliable, and durable LED light replacement for your brake lights, turn signal lights, and backup lights.

Car signal light is equipped with 9 high-powered 3020 LED chipsets that can light up to 700 lumens. This makes them a lot brighter than traditional light bulbs which means that you'll have better visibility for all of your nighttime driving needs!

On most vehicles, the tail lights are red and the brake lights are a more luminous red.North American regulations say rear signal lights can be either red or amber.,some rear lights also include back up lights, which are white,choose the color you need.Reverse lights are a component of back light assembly,sometimes need to repair or upgrade.

turn signal lights for cars

1156 Turn Signal Light Features

No Dark Spots, Less Glare

No more dark spots on the road, and you won't need to turn on your high beams just to see where you're going. Our bulbs will be just as bright at the low beam setting letting you drive safer and more comfortably at night.

Energy Efficient

LED lights do not generate heat as halogen bulbs do, which means they consume less power and produce less heat than traditional bulbs. So you’re conserving energy while making sure that your car's engine and other components won't overheat.

Easy Installation

Our Turn Signal Light has a built-in load resistor for quick and easy installation. It also eliminates flickering or interference with onboard electronics. Plus, it has an IC driver that makes sure you can keep up to date with all the newest technology changes in the automotive industry.

Quick Heat Dissipation

To ensure quality and durability, our turn signal bulb are made with an aircraft-grade aluminum body that increases the bulb’s heat dissipation capacity and helps prevent heat build-up.

Long Lifespan

Led turn signal bulbs with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, these LED bulbs will provide you with all the light you need to keep your vehicle safely on the road without ever having to worry about changing your lights again.Compatible with Most Vehicle CAN Bus.

ULTRA Bright

9 pcs high power 3020 led chipsets,288-700Lms,3 colors for choose, brighter than the original bulb. Energy-saving enhances luminous efficiency.

turn signal light red amber white

360° Shining No dark Spots No Delay 

Novisight 1156 backup reverse light bulb is an instant start, reliable enough, will not dazzle others when you are reversing

Quick Heat Dissipation

Aircraft-grade aluminum body built and unique bump appearance design increase the heat dissipation area. Wide voltage & constant current provide up to 30, 000 hours lifespan.

Plug & Play/ Easy Installation

Strong Light Penetration, High refractive concentrator

Similar size to the halogen bulb, non-polarity design, mini size design for easy installation, direct replacement, no wiring required.Replace turn signal bulb no longer a problem.

Upgrade Exterior Design

Base used aluminum can cool down the heat rapidly, extend the service time of the 1156 LED bulb up to 50,000hrs. With cover design, the NOVSIGHT LED bulb can glow equally, not emit harsh light, will not affect the following vehicles and road participants.

Canbus Error Free/Vehicle Canbus Compatible

Built-in Load Resistors & IC Driver

No error messages for 98% of vehicles models, CANBUS system prevents error code and odd flickering on most vehicles. Note: The bulb socket size may vary between trim of your vehicle, please double-check the owner's manual or original bulb size before ordering.

  • Reverse Lights
  • Back Up Light
  • Front&Rear Turn Signal 
  • Center High Mount Stop Light
  • Engine Compartment Light


  • 1003 BA15S P21W 1156A 1156NA 87 93 97 97A 97NA 199 631 1073 1095 1141 1195 1295 2396 3497 5007 5008 7506 12088 1295NA
Turn Signal Light Assembly

Important Note

  • Please double check your vehicles manual or the original bulb to confirm the exact bulbs type
  • LED lamps have "+" and "-" terminals, if the LED does not light up, just simply flip it 180 degrees to reverse the polarity


  • LED:9 PCS
  • Voltage: DC9V-18V
  • Input:620±40mA
  • LMS for White/Red/Amber Yellow:700/288/510

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